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This Nobel Prize Winner Does Not Agree There’s a Climate Crisis

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The common narrative about the climate of the earth is that activities of the industrial age and subsequent eras have devastated the planet. 

Source: David Hollinger/LinkedIn

However, there are some lone voices in the desert who happen to think otherwise. One of these is the Nobel Prize-winning physicist, John F. Clauser. 

A Parliament of Naysayers  

In what turned out to be an effort to get the word out, Clauser spoke at a Baltimore conference not long ago. He stood as a mouthpiece for a group of like minds called the “climate deniers.”

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Source: flyingcatwithhorns/Reddit

This category of people don’t deny the fact that the earth’s climate is changing. However, they don’t support the narrative that the planet is headed for an impending climate crisis. 

The Crux of Unpopular Opinions  

But for Clauser’s presence at the news conference, involving a handful of people, the gathering would easily have been shrugged off as a mere racket.

Source: Ecojustice/Facebook

On the contrary, the contributions and support of a recent Nobel Prize Winner gave the gathering some weight. Despite their unpopular opinions about climate change, the world is starting to pay attention. 

Could an Egghead be Ignorant?  

Clauser has not always been a climate denier, or if he has had that opinion for long, he never made it public before the Baltimore conference. 

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Source: Britannica

So, Clauser’s statement that “there is no climate crisis” left the science world in total shock. The Nobel Prize Winner was not the only speaker at the conference.  

The Formula for Conspiracy Theories 

The organization behind Clauser’s Baltimore keynote speech is called the Deposit of Faith Coalition. It is an organization with Catholic roots, and its members believe there is a conspiracy theory behind the global climate change campaign.

Source: Church Militant / X

According to this group, the earth’s climate crisis is a false narrative being noised by institutions like the World Economic Forum, the Vatican, and the United Nations.

Physicists are Naturally Controversial 

John Clauser is an 80-year-old physicist who won a Nobel Prize in 2022, for his studies on light particles. According to Clauser, that research from the 1970s made many see him as crazy, because the theories were unpopular at the time.

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Source: Church Militant/Twitter

In comparison, Clauser claims his climate denial is just another unpopular opinion, which he has the right to hold. 

Skepticism Gone too Far? 

A fair dose of skepticism is at the root of all scientific advancement. So, a couple of fine minds like Clauser also believe a climate apocalypse is out of the question.

Source: Hidden Forces/YouTube

For example, the likes of Princeton’s Emeritus professor William Harper, MIT’s Richard Lindzen, and Steven Kooin—all physicists—believe global warming suits the earth just fine. 

Clouds and Global Warming 

However, several climate experts around the globe have not been sympathetic with the theories of the likes of Clauser about climate change. 

Source: Piccolo Namek/Wikimedia Commons

The theory of the Clauser caucus is that the planet Earth adjusts accordingly as it warms up. For example, they believe that clouds have a net cooling effect on the planet. So, no matter how warm it gets, the planet self-regulates.

Climate Experts Point to Evidence Around the Globe 

Climate experts like Michael Mann from the University of Pennsylvania have torn the theories of climate deniers to shreds.

Source: Capital Weather/Twitter

According to him, contrary to the believe that the clouds have a cooling effect, they in reality encourage warming. Mann claims that several studies have proven it that clouds help planet earth retain green house emission, causing net warming.

Patriotic Intellectuals 

While the physicists and climate scientists are going for the jugular, one physicist chose to be liberal and objective. Austrian Anton Zeilinger shared the 2022 Nobel Prize with Clauser and commends the septuganerian’s scientific tact.

Source: Wolfgang Lechner/LinkedIn

Yes, Zeilinger may not accept Clauser’s theories about the earth’s climate, but he acknowledges the man’s intellect.

Physicists are not Climate Experts 

An interesting trend has been noticed among the climate deniers, Clauser inclusive: they are mostly physicists, and not climate scientists. So, climate experts believe these naysayers can only theorize, but cannot provide tangible evidence that planet earth is not heading towards a climate crisis.

Source: Climate Change Debate Discussion/Facebook

For example, Clauser has no peer-reviewed publication, and there are claims that some climate deniers receive research funding from fossil fuel companies.

The Complicity of Big Oils in Climate Change 

However, Clauser insists that he does not receive any honorarium from anyone whatsoever for his unpopular views on climate change.

Source: Hannu/Wikimedia Commons

In fact, since making his views public, Clauser has lost some of his affiliations. He was billed to deliver a seminar on climate models at the International Monetary Fund. However, the appointment was suddenly canceled without any reasonable explanation.

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