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This Man Won the Lottery, Not Once, But Twice!

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Winning the lottery these days is so uncommon it seems like a myth. So how does one man win from a convenience store in Brooklyn, not once, but twice in a row? The story of Wayne Murray is inspiring yet shocking at the same time. 

On a regular day in August 2022, Murray walked into a convenience store in Brooklyn, New York, and bought a black titanium scratch card. This was not his first time doing so, as he is a regular customer on the block. 

To his surprise, Murray realized that he just won a whopping $10 million! Shortly after, he was overjoyed and cashed in his winnings, becoming a multi-millionaire in minutes. This was a massive win for him, but little did he know it wouldn’t end there.

Just a year and a few months later, Murray struck gold again! He got another ticket, a 200X, at the same store and won another $10 million. Without a doubt, this shocked not only Murray but everyone around him.

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The probability of winning once from a Black Titanium card is one in 3.6 million. For a 200X card, it is 3.5 million. Therefore, the chances of one person winning both are just one in 12 million! This means that Murray was lucky enough to be the one in 12 million, which is incredibly rare. 

Even Hassan Nabil, the worker who sold both tickets to Murray, couldn’t believe it. In an interview with a Lottery Post, he expressed his shock, saying, “Twice in a row — what are the odds? You can’t even think about it. It’s not comprehensible.”

The story of his incredible luck quickly spread, with many tagging him as the man lucky enough to win the lottery twice in a lifetime. To put things in perspective, winning a lottery once in a lifetime is rare, and many only dream about it twice. 

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After cashing in his wins, the question on people’s minds is, “What did he do with all that money?” Well, the answer might shock you. First, the government charges immense amounts of taxes on lottery wins.

Therefore, he paid almost $4 million in taxes on everything he won. He took home $6,122,400 per win and $12.2448 million from both. However, nobody knows what Murray did with his newfound wealth. It doesn’t seem like he has spent much money, either. 

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He still lives in the same home he had before winning the lottery. According to his neighbor Constance Bryane, it seems like Murray will remain in that house for a long time.

In an interview with Lottery Post, she said, “He cared for his mother and his great aunt in that house until they both passed away. He’s all about family, his home, and his neighborhood. That’s his house and will always be his house even if he won the lottery a third time.”

It is pretty impressive that he remains humble even after winning twice in a row. Moreover, he still buys tickets today, so who knows? Maybe he will shock the world again and win the lottery the third time!

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