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“This Makes Absolutely No Sense!” Former RNC Chair Criticizes NY Appeals Court Decision in Trump Case

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Michael Steele, former RNC chair
Source: Reddit

Former Republican National Committee (RNC) Chair Michael Steele has expressed dissatisfaction with the New York appeals court’s decision to postpone the enforcement of a significant judgment against former President Trump and his company over allegations of deceptive business practices.

In a recent ruling, a panel of five judges from a state appeals court in New York announced that they would temporarily halt the enforcement of the $464 million judgment against Trump, the Trump Organization, and key executives.

This delay is contingent upon the defendants posting a bond within a stipulated timeframe of 10 days. Notably, the court also reduced the bond amount by more than half.

Steele, a vocal critic of Trump, took to social media to voice his concerns about what he perceives as preferential treatment for the former president. He criticized the decision, emphasizing the disparity in treatment and the apparent leniency shown towards Trump in the judicial process.

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“The NY Appeals Court has decided to give Trump more time to pay less money by reducing his bond from $454M to $175 and giving him 10 days to get the money,” Steele remarked in a post. “This makes absolutely no sense.”

The court’s decision to grant this delay follows assertions from Trump’s legal team that it would be “impossible” for him to secure the full appeals bond promptly due to a purported lack of liquid assets.

Despite Trump’s claims of substantial wealth, including statements made on his Truth Social platform and during legal proceedings, his lawyers argue that he is currently facing liquidity issues. This situation is further complicated by Trump’s recent obligation to pay a $91 million appeal bond in a separate defamation case brought by writer E. Jean Carroll.

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In addition to delaying the enforcement of financial penalties, such as the substantial bond and other financial sanctions, the appeals court order also temporarily halts measures that would restrict Trump and top executives from holding leadership positions in New York businesses for an extended period.

However, the order does not impede the appointment of an independent monitor and compliance director to oversee the business activities of the Trump Organization.

The decision to pause the enforcement of these penalties raises questions about the efficacy and impartiality of the legal system, particularly in high-profile cases involving influential individuals. Critics argue that such delays and reductions in penalties could undermine the integrity of the judicial process and erode public trust in the legal system.

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In summary, the recent ruling by a New York appeals court to delay the enforcement of judgments against former President Trump has sparked criticism from various quarters.

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Critics, including Michael Steele, question the fairness and transparency of the legal proceedings, highlighting concerns about preferential treatment and the integrity of the judicial system.

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