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“This is Not Sustainable!” Tiktoker Laments High Cost of Living

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“This Is Not Sustainable!” TikToker Laments High Cost of Living
Source: Tiktok

Alex Thebeau, a mother of three, had much to say about the country’s state after a recent visit to the supermarket. Why? She bought just five everyday items at the store and spent about $50. This seemed outrageous to her, to say the least.

Therefore, Thebeau made a video to rant about her most recent experience and how bad it was. In her Tiktok video, she began by holding a selection of items in her hands as she rested on her kitchen counter.

“This was basically $50,” said Alex, referring to the five items in her hand. They were toilet paper, deodorant, eggs, and two ingredients for a cabbage meal. She couldn’t believe how little she got for almost $50. 

Thebeau also showed proof of her purchase to back up her claims. According to the mother of three, she couldn’t go to a cheaper store like Costco, and it caused her to spend extra. 

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“I spent $47.43, but to be fair, I used $10 of my PC Optimum points. So everything said and done, $37 for ingredients for a cabbage roll dish, which the sentence in itself sounds pretty cheap, eggs, deodorant, and we need to wipe our a– and I didn’t have time to go to Costco,” she said. 

This is highly “ridiculous” and not “sustainable” when considering the grand scheme of things. For example, if Thebeau’s family of five spends about $50 on just five essential items, how much would it cost for full grocery shopping? How much would it cost for a family with more than three kids to have all their essentials? 

Questions like these prompted the mother to make this TikTok video. She explained, saying, “We’re a family of five. Toilet paper is $14; the minimum wage in New Brunswick is $14.75. You’re telling me that I have to work an hour to wipe my a–?” 

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She also contemplated making her own version of these items during the video to save cost. She said, “This tomato soup, six dollars and ninety-nine cents. I should have made this myself. This dented can of diced tomatoes is three dollars and seventy-nine cents. This deodorant because we don’t want to stink, but we also don’t want cancer, $9.99.”

She also worries that her children will grow up in an impoverished economy and not be “sustainable.” During her prime years, she spent way less on groceries than now. 

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“I moved out when I was 16 years old. Some people can’t live in their house until they’re 25. And if you do, amazing. I love that for you. You’re, you’re so blessed. But the fact is this is not sustainable. This can’t continue. So…” she gestures on camera, seemingly defeated, and then sighs before the clip ultimately finishes.

Some people agreed with the mother and complained that the essentials were not affordable anymore. However, some people believe this is not true. They blamed Thebeau for not going to a cheaper store and dismissed her complaints. Realistically, there is nothing Thebeau can do but complain and hope for the best. 

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