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The Top Two Highest-Rated Jane Seymour Movies and TV Shows

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Dubbed the Queen of miniseries, Jane Seymour’s movies and TV Shows have elevated her career. Here are her highest-rated Movies and Tv shows.

Jane Seymour rose to fame very early in her movie career when she got cast in the James Bond film “Live and Let Die.” The British actress had started her career in ballet which was her childhood love. Seymour made her professional ballet debut at just 13 with the London Festival Ballet.

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She then entered the Arts Educational Trust to improve her Ballet skills. Sadly, three years later, Seymour injured her knee after a performance with the Kirov Ballet. Those injuries brought her dancing career to an early end, as have many celebrities. 

Afterward, she returned to the theatre and, before long, got cast as Solitaire in “Live and Let Die.” Her performance in the movie was widely praised, leading her to land more acting roles in films and television. 

Jane Seymour Movies and TV shows
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Seymour’s performance in the 1976 miniseries “Captains and the Kings” earned her an Emmy nomination. However, it would take a decade later for her to win an Emmy for her performance as Maria Callas in the tv movie “Onassis: the Richest Man in the World.”

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One of her most famous television roles came in 1993 when the series “Dr. Quinn; Medicine Woman” debuted. The series became widely successful, attracting 22 million viewers during its peak.

Her role in the series became iconic and earned two further Emmy nominations. Even after the show’s cancellation after six seasons, she has reprised her role in many made-for-Tv movies. However, below we’ll be looking at her top two movies and Tv shows.

Jane the Virgin (TV series)

According to Rotten Tomatoes, Seymour’s highest-rated Tv series is “Jane the Virgin.” In the series, the actress guest starred as a romance novelist who also leads a support group for writers.

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Jane Seymour's Movies and Tv shows
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Seymour appeared in a total of three episodes, and speaking on her appearance, she noted:

 “All I can say is in the first episode, I’m teaching a romance writers group, and we’re asking for people’s opinion of other people’s work. I have very strange rules about what we do and don’t do. 

In reality, Seymour, who is also a writer, shares that similarity with her character. However, in contrast, her character had only written one successful romance novel. 

The actress had never watched a single episode of “Jane The Virgin” before being cast as a guest on the show. However, by the end of her stint, she found she had plenty of similarities with the show’s main character. 

Seymour’s first acting role was as a virgin on the show “the Onedin Line,” which is similar to “Jane the Virgin,” which is a series about a virgin girl who was determined to remain a virgin till marriage until a mishap at the hospital turned her life upside down. The series “Jane the Virgin” has a rating of 100% on Rotten Tomatoes. 

The Kominsky Method (TV Series)

Jane Seymour made her debut in the series “The Kominsky Method” in the second season as “Madelyn.” The series is a comedy that tells the story of an acting coach (Michael Douglas) who was once very famous.

However, as older men, he and his best friend (Allan Arkin) now have to navigate their friendship, family, romance, work, and health issues. 

The Kominsky Method
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Speaking about the series, Seymour disclosed that all the cast were at the top of their game, making filming fun. The actress also touched on how she was not scared of playing older characters because it is really exciting. 

Seymour noted that she had been able to stay in shape because she does an hour of fast walking three times a week. Also, she does ballet barre, relieves, or pliés while waiting for baggage at the airport. “The Kominsky Method” is rated 93% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Heidi (Movie)

“Heidi” is a 1993 movie and adaptation of Johanna Spyri’s treasured children’s story of the same title. The movie follows an eight-year-old orphan, Heidi (Noley Thorton), who is left in the care of her grandfather (Jason Robards).

"Heidi" Jane Seymour Movies and TV Shows
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Although the grandfather is an angry, bitter man who lives in the Swiss Alps with his goats, he takes good care of Heidi. However, as the two grow close, Heidi is taken to be with a sickly girl in Frankfurt. Despite all the lures of the city, Heidi’s main wish was to return to her grandfather. 

Seymour starred as Fräulein Rottenmeier in the movie produced by Disney. On Rotten Tomatoes, “Heidi,” nominated for a Golden Globe, is rated 100%. 

Tom, Dick, and Harry (Movie)

This 1941 comedy movie tells the story of a woman who must choose from three men who proposed to her. However, all three men are different; one is boring but a reliable salesman, the other an exciting philosopher-mechanic. The last man is a romantic, rich but immature playboy.

Tom, Dick, and Harry
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Although the lady in question knows she has to choose one man, she could not bear the thought of losing the other two. However, after weighing her options, she decided on the exciting philosopher. 

Jane Seymour plays the character Ma in the movie. “Tom, Dick, and Harry” has a rating of 100% as well Rotten Tomatoes.

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