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Tesla Model Y Saves Driver in Fatal Crane Collapse

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Photo showing the crane on the Tesla
Source: Reddit

In Fort Lauderdale, Florida, there was a bit of chaos as an accident that involved a construction crane sent a rain of building fragments down on a busy bridge. Amidst the disorder, a Tesla Model Y found itself on the way to destruction, yet its driver came out without a scratch. However, quite unfortunately, one construction worker lost their life, while two others were badly injured.

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According to Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue Chief Stephen Gollan, the crane malfunction wasn’t the main cause. Instead, a failure in a work platform attached to the crane caused the terrible accident, sending some equipment and materials flying onto the bridge.

A bystander described the scene as something that could only be found in a movie. The falling crane segment crashed onto the Tesla and bounced off before it crashed into a nearby minivan. “We drive this every day, so it’s a pretty scary thing to think about,” the witness said.

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Mark Cerezin, the extremely lucky Tesla driver, says that his life was saved because of his quick reflexes. He talked about how he instinctively hit on the brakes as the debris rained down. Though the impact completely removed the front of his Model Y, the car’s strong cabin protected him from any harm.

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“Had I not slammed as hard as I had with my foot? I’m not here speaking to you,” Cerezin said.

Video from the incident captured Cerezin helping the injured driver of the minivan, using his shirt to put some pressure on her wounds. Later, in a social media post, he expressed gratitude for his survival: “I’m just happy to go home to my wife. I’m happy to go home to my family and to my friends.”

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In 2023, Tesla delivered 1.2 million Model Ys, making it the world’s best-selling vehicle that year. It took over the Toyota Corolla and became the first electric vehicle to have that title. With a minimum of 2.16 million units delivered since its start of production up to December 2023, the Model Y is also the most popular electric vehicle of all time.

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While this incident was a terrifying turn of events, it brought again the discussions about the safety measures Tesla as a motor company has put in place. The Model Y’s panoramic glass roof made it possible for Cerezin to see the falling debris as quickly as possible, making him respond as quickly and as instinctively as he did. Moreover, it also demonstrated Tesla’s strong structure deliberately constructed in the face of extreme impact.

This story is a serious reminder of the unexpected dangers that can occur and the potential life-saving advantages of modern vehicle safety technology.

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