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How Susan Boyle Shocked the World With Her Voice During Her “BGT” Audition

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Susan Boyle goes down in history as the singer with the most thrilling performance recorded during a “BGT” audition, and fans couldn’t agree more.

“Britain’s Got Talent” returned to our screens in April 2022, introducing the world to new sets of talents. Yet, the echoes of past iconic figures who made their big break on the show reverberated throughout this 15th season.

Among these new stars was secondary school teacher Tom Ball, whose routine, vocals and appearance were reminiscent of former contestant Susan Boyle, the most iconic contestant to grace the show.

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Viewers went all out comparing the duo. Just like Susan Boyle during her 2009 audition, Ball gave a questionable first impression at first glance. However, his groundbreaking performance and powerful vocals were game-changers.

Ultimately, the audience and judges received a wake-up call as with Boyle’s iconic audition over a decade ago. Even now, Susan Boyle’s 2009 audition remains a “BGT” wonder, serving as a yardstick to most viewers for accessing contestants.

So how did Susan Boyle perform this feat during her audition, captivating the world and becoming one of the most celebrated women in music?

What Did Susan Boyle Perform During Her “BGT” Audition?

Susan Boyle applied for the “Britain’s Got Talent” preliminary auditions in Glasgow in 2008. She eventually made it through to the televised auditions as contestant 43212.

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During the audition, which aired in 2009, the Blackburn native performed the song, “I Dreamed A Dream,” from the popular musical, “Les Miserables.”

Her soulful rendition earned Boyle a standing ovation and three “yeses” from the judges. Thus she became a contestant in the show’s third season, finishing in second place and launching her music career.

The Iconic Moment To Remember

Susan Boyle’s appearance on the “Britain’s Got Talent” stage years ago can’t be quickly forgotten. The events of that iconic moment played out in quick succession, climaxing with the enthralled audience cheering with reckless abandon.

Clips from the fateful moment showed a timid-looking Boyle appearing on the stage and introducing herself. The moment she stated she was 47, the displeasure and disdain were evident on everyone’s faces,

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But the star-in-the-making remained dauntless, cheerfully answering all the questions thrown her way. She ignored the disapproving expressions of the judges as she named the song she hoped to perform and stated her dreams of becoming a professional singer.

Susan Boye performing at the 2009 "BGT" auditions | Image: Youtube/Britain's Got Talent
Susan Boye performing at the 2009 “BGT” auditions | Image: Youtube/Britain’s Got Talent

Asked why those dreams never worked out before, the crooner admitted she had never been given a chance, but hoped to change that.

The audience seemed to grow wearier when she admitted she hoped to someday become as successful as Ellen Page. Of course, the admission attracted bouts of laughter. Finally, she quit the chit chat and proceeded to sing.

The moment the first lines resounded from her lips, the audience burst into an uproar, astonished by her powerful vocals. The cheer continued throughout her performance. By the time she concluded, everyone was on their feet cheering, including the judges.

Susan Boyle’s Audition Remains The Show’s Most Iconic Moment

After Boyle’s performance, a visibly stunned Piers Morgan admitted the crooner gave him the biggest surprise in his three years on the show. He added:

“That was stunning, an incredible performance. I’m reeling from shock.”

Amanda Holden shared her fellow judge’s thoughts. She pointed out that everyone was completely cynical and against Boyle from the onset, making the turn of events “the biggest wake-up call ever,” to her and everyone present.

Simon Cowell seemed to have a different opinion, admitting he expected something extraordinary from her at first glance. After dishing out words of commendation, the three judges offered their unanimous “Yes.”

Thirteen years later, the world also gave Boyle the nod of approval, voting her audition as the most iconic moment on “BGT” ahead of the show’s 15th season.

Susan Boyle’s Audition Almost Never Happened

Notably, that life-changing moment almost never saw the light of day. Susan Boyle has been open about almost canceling her “BGT” audition because she felt they choose people based on appearances.

However, with a little nudge from her former voice coach Fred O’Neil, she braved her fears and insecurities. The songstress also acknowledged her late mom’s part in helping her attend the audition.

According to Susan Boyle, she dedicated her rendition of “I Dreamed A Dream,” to the memory of her late mom. In fact, the “BGT” auditions represented the first time the star sang in public since her mom’s demise.

Susan Boyle’s Life And Career Ever Since

Thirteen years down the line, the icon has achieved every dream she set out to accomplish. With a net worth of $40 million according to Celebritynetworth and 8 top-charting albums, Susan Boyle has managed to attain Ellen Page’s success.

She is also one of the most renowned singers in the world, despite being a late bloomer. At 60, she has numerous records and honors up her sleeves, and is highly sought after for concert appearances.

Susan Boyle’s story is the perfect reflection of the infamous song, “I Dreamed A Dream,” depicting a woman who at 47 set out to pursue her dreams, eventually making it big in a reality competition show and taking the world by a storm.

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