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Surfer Mikey Wright Bravely Saved Woman from a near Death Experience at Sea


An Australian surfer, Mikey Wright, exhibited an act of bravery, saving a drowning woman from being washed away by the turbulent waves.

Mikey Wright, a pro surfer from Australia, became a hero on New Year’s eve after saving a woman from a close call with death. The woman, who almost ended up drowning at sea, was enjoying a fun day at a Hawaiian beach before the currents turned against her. 

Wright and other patrons present at the beach caught the incident on camera, including the heroic rescue, which has since gone viral.

Image: Instagram/MikeyWright69
Image: Instagram/MikeyWright69


The Australian surfer posted video excerpts from the incident to his Instagram account, leaving fans thrilled by his bravery. He accompanied the two clips with a caption which read:

“Hold My Beer.”

Wright’s video began with several beachgoers staring out at sea, at a woman struggling aimlessly to beat the waves. While some ran towards the water in a bid to rescue her, others kept pointing out how dangerous it was.


Several attempts to rescue the struggling form failed due to the heavy surf, as many couldn’t scale through. In the nick of time, Wright, who had been recording the incident, handed his phone to someone else and ran towards the sea.

All he knew was that the unidentified woman needed help

The surfer declared that the woman needed saving, even as several voices in the background claimed he could not save her. He plunged into the waves, caught the woman just as she became submerged, and successfully pulled her out.


A group of onlookers, including Wright’s sister and fellow surfing champion, Tyler, rushed to help pull Wright and the drowning victim to safety once they reached the beach. Speaking on his spontaneous decision to save a life, the surfer explained:

“We just seen this wave come up and seep this lady off the rocks and started to drag her out to sea. It all happened really fast, and we kind of had to jump right into action.”

In another interview, the hero admitted he didn’t question his safety at that moment, as all he knew was that the unidentified woman needed help. The victim and her son were grateful for the icon’s bravery, showering him with bouts of thanks after the rescue operation.


Coming from a family of surfers, the viral rescue incident was hardly Wright’s first time saving a person from the ocean. 

The star grew up with his family in Australia’s Culbara beach, where acquiring live-saving techniques was a norm.

Wright, his sister, Tyler, and brother Owen, also a pro surfer, arrived in Hawaii last month to partake in the Pipeline masters event.

The trio proved themselves true champions, with Wright placing 17th overall in the Men’s event and Tyler winning the first women’s tour title at the pipeline break. It was indeed an adventurous year for the siblings.

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