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These Two Celebrities Once Dated for about Five Monthsꟷ Inside Blake Lively and Leonardo Dicaprio’s Romance

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Before Ryan Reynolds came into the picture, actress Blake lively dated actor Leonardo DiCaprio for almost half a year.

Married for over eight years, Hollywood stars Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds have a relationship undoubtedly fated in heaven. However, their bigger-than-life romance almost did not play out, thanks to Lively’s brief affair with actor Leonardo DiCaprio.

Blake Lively and DiCaprio’s relationship lasted for barely five months despite their thirteen-year age difference, before the duo called it quits. The actress hooked up with Reynolds shortly after, with their love eventually leading them down the aisle.

Blake Lively and Leonardo DeCaprio | Image: POPSUGAR Entertainment
Blake Lively and Leonardo DeCaprio | Image: POPSUGAR Entertainment

Notwithstanding the duration of their short-lived affair, Lively and DiCaprio’s would-have-been love story still makes its way to major headlines almost a decade later.


Blake Lively and Leonardo DiCaprio hit it off after the “Gossip Girl” star auditioned for a role in “The Great Gatsby” in 2010. Although the actress lost the part to Carey Mulligan, she won the attention of the legendary Hollywood actor. The duo became close afterward, with Lively’s cooking abilities winning over DiCaprio’s heart instantly.


Blake Lively and Leonardo DeCaprio | Image: POPSUGAR Entertainment

The former lovebirds began dating in 2011, shortly after their connection, utilizing several creative means to communicate. According to “Gossip Girl” showrunner Joshua Safran, Lively owned a doll, which she often took photos of wearing various expressions.

The 33-year-old texted the photos to her then-boyfriend as a form of communicating her feelings. The two understood their subtle communications, which invariably helped grow their romance, and sustain it for months.


Not long after Leonardo DiCaprio and Blake Lively’s relationship kicked off, the twosome attracted the attention of various media outlets. Soon, photos of them together in public, sharing intimate moments, flooded the media, raising speculations of a romance between them.

Their relationship came to light after the pair were seen partying intimately on Director Steven Spielberg’s yacht. Around that time, the duo also enjoyed a romantic getaway in Venice. Pictures from the trip flooded the media as full-proof of their romance.

Blake Lively and Leonardo DeCaprio | Image: Soul2MatchInc


The trip to Venice, Italy, despite playing a role in confirming their romance, gave the first indication that things were not all rosy between the pair. Many of the photos showed Lively looking stressed, while DiCaprio appeared distracted.

Ryan Reynolds came into the picture around that time, after co-starring with Lively in “Green Lantern.” He professed his love for the actress’s cooking abilities in several interviews, also commending her numerous talents.


After sustaining their relationship for five months, DiCaprio, 46, broke up with Lively, ending their relationship for good.

Barely months later, the actress began dating Ryan Reynolds, tying the knot shortly after. Today, Blake Lively and her husband share three kids and have since enjoyed a life of bliss in their beautiful home in Pound Ridge, New York.

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