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Special Counsel Takes “Extraordinary” Step on Trump’s Plea for Immunity

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Trump seeks immunity from trial
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The US isn’t going to hold its Presidential election until November 2024, but this doesn’t mean the race isn’t on. As primaries approach, the two major parties rally behind their respective candidates and prepare to choose who will represent them at the elections. 

Former POTUS Donald Trump is a front-runner for the Republicans. However, it is also public knowledge that he has a major trial coming up in March 2024. This trial will determine a lot of things going forward, as it could mean decades of jail time for Trump. 

In a counter move, the former president is seeking immunity for all the allegations of his interference in the 2020 election. Therefore, Special Counsel Jack Smith took an “extraordinary” step and asked the Supreme Court to intervene in this case. 

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In his statement to the court, he said, “The United States recognizes that this is an extraordinary request. This is an extraordinary case. The court should grant the case and set a briefing schedule that would permit this case to be argued and resolved as promptly as possible.”

According to Smith, the main reason for making this huge request is time. Trump’s request for immunity is no small thing, as it usually takes months before the court makes a decision. With the trial set to begin in March, Smith fears the matter of immunity will not be resolved by then. 

However, this bold step doesn’t guarantee that the Supreme Court will sit on this case. “It’s always a longshot bid for the Supreme Court to hear a case like this without waiting for the process to play out in the lower courts,” said Notre Dame Law School Professor Derek Muller. 

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In addition, he said, “That said, Smith is rightly concerned about a slow appeals process that may interfere with a trial date and run even closer to Election Day. It seems unlikely it will persuade the Supreme Court to intervene, but it is worth asking given the risks of delay.”

As Smith made the bold move of involving the Supreme Court, the justices have many factors to consider, especially from a political point of view. Therefore, the court acknowledged Smith’s appeal and ordered Trump to respond by December 20th. 

As expected, this did not sit well with the ‘MAGA’ pioneer. During one of his recent campaigns, he described the prosecution as “politically motivated,” citing several reasons why. To them, there was “no reason to rush this sham to trial except to injure President Trump and tens of millions of his supporters.”

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The March trial has very high stakes for the former president. He is facing several criminal charges, the most important one being conspiracy to obstruct the election process. If found guilty, Trump will be facing decades of jail time in the future. 

Furthermore, he will have no other choice but to pull out of the presidential race immediately. Trump denies all the allegations against him and believes everything he did was under the law and his “official duties.”

Smith is hopeful that the Supreme Court sees the urgency of this situation. He also hopes it acts fast as it did with a presidential case in 1974. 

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