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Shoppers Worry About Dollar Tree’s Price Hike Despite Suggested Quality Improvement

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Dollar Tree, a popular spot for budget-friendly shopping, is changing. They’re bringing in products that cost up to $7. With all this inflation going on, consumers are getting a bit worried. Many think their beloved dollar stores might turn into five-dollar or even seven-dollar stores.

Although the dollar stores are raising their prices, this new practice of adding higher-priced items is not just about the hike in prices. It’s more about giving customers more options and variety in the products they offer. However, customers still wonder if the prices will keep going up.

Dollar Tree’s Constant Increase in Prices of Goods

Dollar Tree has been gradually increasing its prices. The cap, which used to be $1, went up to $1.25 in 2021. After raising the price to $1.25, Dollar Tree increased the cap again, this time to $5.00 in June 2023. And now, the cap is set at $7.00.

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The price hike occurred at the end of what the Chairman and CEO, Rick Dreiling, called a strong finish to the year. “Fourth quarter results [reflect] positive traffic trends, market share gains, and adjusted margin improvement across both segments,” Dreiling said in a statement.

The new multi-price rollout at Dollar Tree is part of what he termed as “the early stages of our transformation journey.”

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Possible Reason Why the Price Hike Keeps Happening

Rumor has it that the price hike is happening because more wealthy families now shop at Dollar Tree.

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As the customer base changes, the store might try to cater to a broader range of shoppers and their spending habits. These shoppers are from households that make over $125,000 a year. Hence, Dollar Tree is trying to keep up with the times and cater to all kinds of customers.

Michael Liersch of Wells Fargo told The Wall Street Journal, “These days, it’s about making the most of your money and not getting ripped off.”

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Family Dollar Faces Decisive Closure Amid Lease Expiration

Amid the price increase at Dollar Tree, its subsidiary, Family Dollar, faces closure. However, the retail giant’s reps say it’s all part of a transformation plan. This transformation plan is all about “taking decisive action to improve profitability and unlocking value at Family Dollar.”

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Simply put, they want to ensure Family Dollar is doing well and making good money. It’s like giving it a bit of a makeover to make it even better for shoppers. 

A picture of Family Dollar store
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Family Dollar, which Dollar Tree bought back in 2014, is also undergoing some changes. They’re planning to shut down around 600 stores in places like Ohio and Florida. In addition, some more stores will be closed because their leases are expiring.

Some saw the closure of Family Dollar coming from a mile away. One market analyst even called Dollar Tree’s purchase of Family Dollar a “botched acquisition.” Neil Saunders, the managing director at GlobalData, says Dollar Tree’s purchase of Family Dollar has been a bit of a headache.

The Price Hike Cut Across All Dollar Tree Stores

The price hike will affect about 3,000 Dollar Tree stores and over 300 items. The base price of some items will change to $1.50.

“Over time, you will see us fully integrate multi-price merchandise more into our stores so our shoppers will find $5 bags of dog food next to our traditional $1.25 pet treats and toys, and our $3 bags of candy will be found in the candy aisle,” Dreiling said.

The higher prices will mainly affect groceries and food items, especially frozen ones. Pet foods and personal care items will also increase in price. The Dollar Tree press release mentioned that $3 and $5 center-store merchandise will be available at around 5,000 stores.

Also, frozen and refrigerated items priced at $3, $4, and $5 will be available at over 6,500 stores.

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Higher Price for Better Quality

Not everyone is worried over Dollar Tree’s price hike. Some shoppers claim that certain items are still worth it, even with the bigger price tag. A Dollar Tree store in Fort Collins, Colorado, sold gaming keyboards and branded T-shirts for $5. The shopper also scored a pair of Ted Lasso socks for a bargain.

With all these price changes happening at Dollar Tree and even Dollar General, people are wondering if they can still be called “dollar stores.” However, expanding the product range and upping the quality might be the way to go for Dollar Tree and Dollar General, especially if their target market is shifting and attracting more high-earners. 

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