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Selena Quintanilla Was Passionate About Youth Development Before Her Untimely Death – Inside Her Legacy

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Selena Quintanilla’s career was cut off while she was blossoming, but she will forever be remembered for promoting Mexican music and her advocacy against addiction.

The life story of Selena Quintanilla is considered one of the most tragic in the entertainment world. And while she did not live to reach her full potential, she did leave her footprints on the sands of time.

Selena stole the hearts of millions with her Mexican pop music, love ballads, infectious smile, and zest for life. But, while she laid down a legacy in music, the Texas native was passionate about youth development. Here’s a look through what she stood for. 

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Selena Quintanilla
Image: Pinterest

Inside Selena Quintanilla’s Advocacy For Youth Development 

During her lifetime, the award-winning music star believed in sensitizing younger people about their chances at a better life. So despite her busy life as a musician, Selena found time to visit schools and talk about the importance of education.

She stressed countless times about the necessity of a high school diploma and how far it can go to push one towards achieving goals. As a result, she often went to public high schools and middle schools, opening up youngsters’ minds to the dangers of alcoholism and substance addiction. 

She organized a public service record titled Mi Musica, where she spoke about Mexican music in America. However, what took precedence was her admonition on the importance of school. In 1993, the late singer rewarded students with good grades by organizing a concert that honored them.

She also donated $2,500 to school projects. The songstress’ advocacy culminated in becoming a spokesperson for Drug Abuse Resistance Education (D.A.R.E.). The initiative was created to keep children away from drugs and help domestic violence victims. 

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Selena was involved in many Stay in School programs and projects, and her last was in March 1995, two weeks before her fatal death. Before her demise, she was honored with a “Selena Quintanilla Day” in Houston, Texas.

Selena Quintanilla
Image: Pinterest

Selena Quintanilla’s Career Boomed At A Young Age

The star, famously known as the Queen of Tejano music, made a name for herself, creating a mix of western and country sounds. The star was born in Texas in 1971. At a young age Selena’s father, who was a former musician, introduced her to music.

Dubbed the Mexican Madonna, Selena grew up speaking English, but her dad taught her to speak Spanish both phonetically and fluently. Soon she joined the Selena Y Los Dinos band that he formed. The band included Quintanilla’s siblings, Abraham and Suzette, who often performed at weddings.

Due to the great music management, Selena’s sounds gradually reached a larger audience. In 1990, her album, “Ven Conmigo,” became the first Tejano record to go gold. 

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She bagged more milestones in 1993, taking home the first Grammy Award as a female Tejano artist. The “Bidi Bidi Bom Bom” crooner had many successful tours with her band, and in 1994, she released “Amor Prohibido,” which went gold the same year. 

Selena’s album, “Live!” was another astounding success that gave her the green light to compile her first English language album. The album was phenomenal in its success, but Selena did not live to witness it. 

Selena Quintanilla
Image: Pinterest

Yolanda Saldivar’s Obsession for Selena

By the 1990s, Selena Quintanilla had gathered millions of fans. Among them was Yolanda Saldivar, a woman who quit her job to become the President of Selena’s fan club. At first, it was all nice and smooth, as Saldivar managed the fan aspect of Selena’s music.

With time, she gained the trust of the young adult, who put her in charge of her boutiques. Selena reportedly cherished Saldivar and she sometimes called the then 34-year-old mom. 

Things became weird when people who worked closely with Selena and Saldivar noticed the obsessive way she showed affection to the “Dreaming of You” star. A woman who once moved into Saldivar’s apartment shared that she worshipped Selena. 

She described how Saldivar did not just have pictures of Selena in the room but also set the whole place up like a shrine. Subsequently, Saldivar began to mismanage funds at the boutique and was confronted by Selena’s dad.

Selena and Yolanda Saldivar. Image: Pinterest

Saldivar Murdered Selena

After Abraham Quintanilla threatened to report Saldivar to authorities, she purchased a revolver. Then, on the fateful day the world learned of Selena’s demise, Saldivar had tricked her into her room at Days Inn. 

Saldivar reportedly claimed to be a victim of sexual abuse, and Selena volunteered to take her to the hospital. However, while they were in Saldivar’s room, where she promised to hand over the missing financial record of the boutique, an altercation ensued.

Ultimately, Saldivar drew the revolver and shot Selena Quintanilla on the lower part of her right shoulder, severing her main artery. Selena fled the room while injured, and on her way to the hospital, she named Saldivar, the culprit. Unfortunately, the Tejano legend was pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital. 

Saldivar, who was then in her early thirties, pleaded not guilty but was convicted of first-degree murder. Currently, in her sixties, Saldivar is serving her sentence at the Mountain View maximum security prison for women. 

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