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Sarah Jessica Parker Has Three Kids with Matthew Broderick: Meet Them

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Sarah Jessica Parker finds joy in her role as a mom to her kids, who she strives to protect from the harsh realities of showbiz and the paps.

American actress Sarah Jessica Parker became a mom after welcoming her kids with husband, Matthew Broderick. Long before her parenting journey began, she was a young actress who got hitched to Broderick, the famous actor.

The duo first met in 1991 through Parker’s brothers’ theatre company, Naked Angels. Upon their encounter, Broderick became smitten with the actress and asked her out on a date about a year later.

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Sarah Jessica Parker with her husband and three kids | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

Thus their relationship kicked off. After six years of dating, Parker and Broderick tied the knot in a Manhattan synagogue. Interestingly, the May 1997 wedding came as a surprise to the 100 guests, who initially thought they were simply attending a party.

That way, the couple kept the paps out of their special day. The Hollywood power couple kept up this penchant for privacy when they started a family.

They welcomed their first child in 2002, further expanding their family with the arrival of their twin daughters six years later. Today, Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick are parents to three beautiful children.

Who Are Sarah Jessica Parker And Matthew Broderick’s Kids?

Sarah Jessica Parker has three kids with her husband of 25 years, Matthew Broderick. They share a son, James Broderick, born in 2002, and twin daughters, Tabitha and Marion Broderick, born in 2009.

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While the trio has grown up away from the public eye, they have made some rare yet groundbreaking red-carpet appearances over the years in the company of their famous parents. 

Sarah Jessica Parker's son and twin daughters | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

But that’s hardly enough to deduce details about the kids unless those let out by their private parents, who marked their son’s birthday in October 2022. In honor of the youngster’s 20th birthday, here’s all we know about James and his sisters.

James Wilkie Broderick

Sarah Jessica Parker welcomed her son and first child James Wilkie Broderick on October 28, 2002. Before the baby’s arrival, the actress spent months filming the fifth season of her hit series, “Sex and the City,” in which she stars as Carrie Bradshaw.

However, the creative team managed to conceal her baby bump throughout the shooting with creative wardrobe choices. Shortly after they wrapped up filming, she welcomed her son, surprising everyone.

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In the last decade, Parker has managed to keep her son out of the spotlights. However, for his 18th birthday, the proud mom broke her rules, sharing a series of photos of the young adult at various points in his life. Captioning it, she wrote:

“I marvel at the passing of those years, but equally the young man you are becoming.”

She wrapped up the tribute by wishing him blissful years ahead, with her as his confidant and joyful witness. James graduated high school in 2021 and proceeded to Brown University to obtain a college degree.

On October 28, 2022, the actress took to Instagram again to express how proud she was of her son and his accomplishments so far while dishing out birthday tributes to him.

Tabitha Hodge Broderick And Marion Loretta Elwell Broderick

Sarah Jessica has been open about her fertility struggles, which prevailed for years. After several failed attempts to conceive naturally, the actress and her husband turned to assisted means of conceiving. She once opened up about these struggles, saying:

“We’ve been trying to expand our family for a number of years and we actually have explored a variety of ways of doing so. This was one of the things we discussed with seriousness and had real possibilities for us.”

The couple eventually welcomed their twin girls on June 22, 2009, via surrogacy. Now thirteen, the twins have grown up to be Parker’s mini-mes, albeit without her signature blond locks.

They have also become mini fashionistas, mirroring their mom’s extravagant styles that made her one with her onscreen character Carrie Bradshaw.

Over the years, the two have become inseparable, upholding their sisterly bond. Notwithstanding, they attend separate schools, an idea Tabitha came up with to give them time away from each other.

Sarah Jessica Parker, her husband Matthew Broderick and their twin daughters Marion and Tabitha | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

Who Is The Father Of Sarah Jessica Parker Kids?

As previously stated, Sarah Jessica Parker shares her kids with her husband, Matthew Broderick. Like his wife, Broderick has a successful Hollywood career.

Notably, Parker’s husband is the son of legendary actor James Broderick and playwright Patricia Broderick. Although he initially intended to pursue a sports career, he turned to acting after sustaining a knee injury. 

That proved to be the right path for him. Over the years, Broderick established himself in the movie scenes, even outshining his famous parents. Some of Broderick’s most notable roles include “Wargames,” “Project X,” “Fellis Bueller’s Day Off,” “Inspector Gadget,” “The Producers,” and the “Godzilla” franchise, among others.

Sarah Jessica Parker and her husband Matthew Broderick | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

Despite their respective blossoming careers, Parker and her husband have sustained their beautiful family for years, boasting of one of the longest-lasting celebrity marriages

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