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Police Officer Meets Abandoned Infant He Rescued Two Decades Ago

Source: Southbend_pd/Instagram
A picture of Gene Eyster and Matthew Hegedus-Stewart
Source: Southbend_pd/Instagram

Twenty-four years later, retired lieutenant Gene Eyster can recall that fateful day. On December 22, 2000, he got a call that would change his life forever. The strang report said, “We have a baby that was found in a box.” Eyster had no clue that this abandoned baby would grow and become an important figure in his life.

The baby, referred to as baby Jesus by Eyster, was found in an open passage, covered in blankets and cardboard. Even after getting to the hospital, Eyster continued caring for him. He returned with a teddy bear, a tiny indication to everyone that this infant was loved. 

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With the records sealed, Eyster often thought about what happened to the baby he had saved. So it came as a shock when he got a phone call from a colleague asking if he still remembered the boy from 24 years ago. 

The officer went on to inform Eyster that the baby was now a rookie and was present as he made the call. The rookie turned out to be Matthew Hegedus-Stewart, the same baby he had rescued all those years ago. After being discharged, Hegedus-Stewart was placed for adoption, but he was always aware of his origin. 

Hegedus-Stewart is now a police officer like Eyster had been. Their lives had intertwined in a fantastic turn of events, with Hegedus-Stewart calling it a full-circle moment and adding that he could only imagine how Eyster felt.

However, for Eyster, it felt more like fate than a coincidence. This reunion came just a few months after Eyster’s only son, Nicholas, unfortunately, passed away at the age of 36. Eyster has filled the void left by Nick’s death thanks to this reunion.

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Eyster was asked to help a child in need twenty-four years ago. That child is now doing the same for him.

Whether it was fate or coincidence, their reunion is an excellent example of effective law enforcement. Eyster’s empathy and concern had completed a circle, uniting him with the same individual he had saved.

Matthew Hegedus-Stewart is a proud father to Aspen, his 14-month-old daughter, with his fiancée Jillian, while expecting a son in June. Interestingly, Aspen was born the same day her father was formally adopted.

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Life is crazy because it is now a question of fate or coincidence. Their reunion is a beautiful case of a successful investigation. While Eyster helped him understand and develop compassion, he closed this circle of oneness and made him the savior of the man he saved.

Eyster and Matthew Hegedus-Stewart’s relationship does not live within the boundaries of signifying duty, as they both find themselves walking in the same neighborhood while on patrol.

This one observes that the ways of our life journey are inevitable, sometimes they lead us back to our beginnings, and maybe the acts we perform today will have future effects. 

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