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Police Arrest Florida Man for Calling 911 on Responding Officers

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A picture of the Florida man
Source: FoxNews/X

The police have arrested 39-year-old Nicholas Taylor of The Villages, Florida, on charges of disorderly intoxication and misuse of 911 after causing a scene at a car park. According to the arrest documents, the man allegedly blocked a vehicle that was illegally parked in a handicapped spot from leaving.

Officials arrested him for causing a scene at a Wawa gas station on US Highway 27 in Lady Lake. Then, he called 911 to complain about the responding officers. The Lady Lake Police Department said in an affidavit that Taylor noticed that a vehicle did not have a handicap permit. 

The car owner, however, parked in a handicap space at the gas station. Although he called 911, Taylor marched into the store and caused a scene inside, according to the affidavit. Witnesses claim Taylor demanded to see the person who parked in the spot.

Furthermore, the Police said the suspect was “disrupting the flow of business” at the store. He reportedly yelled at the store owner because someone illegally parked a car in the handicapped spot. In addition, he allegedly threatened to fight the person who parked in the place.

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Also, the police noted that witnesses heard Taylor saying, “Do you want to fight?” When the vehicle driver attempted to leave, Taylor allegedly stood behind the car until police arrived. While there, police claim the suspect continued to threaten to fight with the driver.

Upon arriving at the scene, the Lady Lake Police Department calmed it. They looked into the situation and questioned the witnesses and parties involved. However, the police alleged that during the investigation, Taylor was unsteady on his feet and smelled of alcohol.

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Due to his apparent level of intoxication, the responding officers warned him against getting behind the wheel. Officers said they would arrest him if he got behind the wheel of his car. Instead, they suggested he find a ride home. However, the police claimed Taylor, in his drunken rage, argued with the officer.

He became argumentative and argued with the responding officers. Also, he demanded a police sergeant respond to the scene. The responding officer said he was the sergeant on duty, but Taylor ignored him and picked up his phone. The drunken Florida man then called 911 for another non-emergency matter.

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The affidavit said Taylor complained about the officers who responded to him at Wawa to deal with him. Ultimately, the police arrested Taylor and took him to the Lake County Jail. Fortunately, his case didn’t go to trial, and the police released him after he posted a $1,500 bond.

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Besides Taylor’s encounter with law enforcement officers, Florida has seen a rise in crime rates. Recently, a woman stole a deputy’s vehicle, leading to a car chase that left three dead, including herself. The woman, identified as Kendra Boone, reportedly had a sprawling criminal history.

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