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How Late ‘Peaky Blinders’ Actress Helen McCrory Spent Her Last Year Making Memories with Her Kids

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Before her death, Helen McCrory went candid about some of the things she spent her last year doing. Interestingly, making memories by engaging in two special activities her kids loved topped the list.

“Peaky Blinders” star Helen McCrory made a lasting impact on earth even while battling cancer. Rather than wallow in her failing health, the actress remained committed to her impactful course, contributing to some of her kids’ favorite activities.

In a Podcast interview she granted alongside her husband before her death, the actress opened up about her treasured family moments.

Helen McCrory : Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

She began by expressing how glad she was that the lockdown availed her the opportunity to spend time with her husband, Damian Lewis, and their two kids, Gulliver, 13, and Manon, 14.

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The 52-year-old and her husband spent those months painting with their daughter, Manon, who enjoyed the arts. They also relished the experience of enjoying music with son Gulliver, who had his way with guitars, like his father.

Gully, Manon and Damian Lewis | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

Aside from the quality time they enjoyed as a family, the lockdown also gave the actress some bitter memories. During the interview, the star explained how the isolation period pushed her to limits.

Fans and co-stars have utilized various platforms to pay their last respects

Sometimes, she found herself overwhelmed by everything happening around the world while quarantining with her family. The icon often ended up in tears in between house chores as a result.

Helen McCrory and Damian Lewis | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

While battling her issues, Helen McCrory urged her husband and children to remain courageous and not let sadness overwhelm them. Lewis admitted in an emotional statement on Sunday Times, that their children have been prepared for life for her loss.

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He went on to laud the mother-of-two for her brilliance, referring to her as “the meteor” of their lives. The star applied that brilliance to her personal life, and acting career, making her into a renowned actress in the industry.

McCrory once admitted that doing theatre made her heart sing. Gladly, she did what she loved until her death, starring in productions like “Uncle Vanya,” “The Queen,” and “Harry Potter.”

Lewis announced his wife’s death via social media, revealing Helen McCrory’s cause of death as cancer. Since the heartbreaking revelation, several fans and co-stars have utilized various platforms to pay their last respects to the entertainment legend.

Her “Peaky Blinders” co-stars joined the emotional tribute to the icon, who played Aunt Polly in the series. The show creator, Steven Knight expressed sadness over her passing, describing her as one of the great actors of her generation.

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Helen McCrory as Aunt Polly on "Peaky Blinders"
Image: Pinterest

Michael Sheen, McCrory’s co-star on “The Queen,” described her death as heartbreaking, noting how honored he felt to have worked with her. He also admitted to having considered her special since their first meeting as kids.

Hollywood icons like Dame Helen Mirren, Piers Wenger, and Murphy of “Peaky Blinders” joined the emotional outpour. They all expressed how devastating they considered her loss.

Having gathered a wealth of loving friends, family, fans, and well-wishers who were inspired by her exemplary deeds, Helen McCrory certainly lived a fulfilled life.

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