Friday, September 30, 2022
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Helen McCrory’s Touching Wish for Husband Damian Lewis Before She Died

The hosts of “Loose Women” discussed Helen McCrory’s final wish to her husband in a recent episode of the ITV panel show. The shocking revelation left fans in tears.

Before dying of cancer, Helen McCrory left a touching wish for her husband, Damian Lewis. In a new episode of “Loose Women,” the hosts discussed this final wish, making the actress’ passing more gut-wrenching.

The mother of two passed away last week at 52, following a short battle with cancer. Her husband, Lewis shared the news of her death on social media. He accompanied it with an emotional tribute to the Hollywood legend.

Helen McCrory |and Damian Lewis Image: Instagram/helenmccroryofficialfan

Over the weekend, the actor left more touching messages on social media, opening up about McCrory’s last days on earth while honoring her memory.

In one of his posts, the 50-year-old reflected on one of the final wishes she made while on her deathbed. Lewis recalled how his late wife told him and their kids that she wished for him to find love again.

However, she added a clause, which was, for her husband to wait until the funeral rites ended before snogging someone. Her selfless wish for her husband and kids to love again spoke tons about her unpossessive love for them.

Helen McCrory | Image: Instagram/helenmccroryofficialfan
Helen McCrory | Image: Instagram/helenmccroryofficialfan

On Monday, “Loose Women” panelists, Charlene White, Jane Moore, Denise Welch, and Nadia Sawalha touched on the emotional topic. They reflected on how thoughtful the late star always was, even at the point of death.

The episode left viewers saddened by the loss of such a beloved gem, who lived her life selflessly. Fans immediately trooped into Twitter to reiterate the impact of the emotional episode on their already grieving hearts.

McCrory’s “Peaky Blinders” co-stars also paid tribute with a sketch of her face on a clapperboard while filming. The clapperboard, with “rest in peace Helen” inked on it, was later shared on the Network’s Instagram account. They accompanied it with a touching tribute.

Helen McCrory | Image: Instagram/helenmccroryofficialfan
Helen McCrory |and Damian Lewis Image: Instagram/helenmccroryofficialfan

Lewis penned an emotional tribute to his wife on the Sunday Times, opening up for the first time about her cancer battle. He reflected on how the Aunt Polly role player remained in high spirits while battling the condition secretly.

She remained heroic until the end, leaving their kids, Manon and Gully, with an important lesson. In her last days, the “Harry Potter” star advised her kids not to be sad, and even if she passed on, she was content knowing she lived the life she wanted.

The advice has helped the children muster qualities like fearlessness, wit, talent, curiosity, and beauty, typical of their mom.

Helen McCrory’s nerve-wrenching death came months after she graced a podcast interview alongside husband, Lewis. Although no one could have guessed her ailment at the time, the star joyfully quipped about how she scaled through the lockdown period.

Helen McCrory | Image: Instagram/helenmccroryofficialfan
Helen McCrory | Image: Instagram/helenmccroryofficialfan

She disclosed how she spent those months painting with her 13-year-old daughter, Manon, and enjoying music with son, Gulliver, 13. Aside from the moments spent catching on with her kids, the lockdown admittedly pushed McCrory to limits, that she found herself breaking into tears sometimes.   

Knowing McCrory stored up some sweet family memories, albeit bitter-sweet, before her passing, serves as a sort of consolation to fans who remain devastated by her loss.

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