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New Research Says Drinking Before Taking a Nap on the Plane Could Hurt You

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Looks like it’s time to say goodbye to drinking alcohol on planes. Especially if you’d be taking a nap while the flight is on. According to new research, drinking alcohol and taking a nap isn’t proper. A study that was published in the journal Thorax explicitly explains what happens when someone takes alcohol before a nap.

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The air pressure and oxygen levels people experience on a plane differ from what they experience on the plane. Because of this, whenever you take alcohol before sleeping on a flight in motion, you’ll most likely experience a drop in blood oxygen. Also, there’s a high tendency for your heart rate to increase. This affects both the healthy and the young.

Alcohol and Napping Isn’t Best for Flights

A study found that on nights when adults took alcohol or two glasses of wine, they had an increase in their heart rate and a reduction in blood oxygen. Also, if individuals who have heart or pulmonary diseases take in alcohol before sleeping, they’ll have a strain on their cardiac system.

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Aside from the strain, these individuals will experience severe symptoms. Furthermore, experts mentioned that although people take alcohol on a plane to help them sleep, doing so actually has a long-term health effect. Also, taking alcohol tends to affect the quality of sleep you get to experience.

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Alcohol Doesn’t Make You Sleep Well

According to popular opinion, drinking alcohol is the best way to get quality sleep. However, that doesn’t seem to be true anymore. Aside from researching heart strain, the study authors also examined the quality of sleep of various individuals. The study found that individuals who took alcohol before sleeping had a shorter rapid-eye-movement stage. This isn’t meant to be so, especially because the REM sleep time actually helps with brain recuperation. One of the study authors, Freeman, pointed out that individuals who drink heavily before they sleep always snore and experience sleep apnea.

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Dr. Paruthi, an American Academy of Sleep Medicine spokesperson, also made some comments about people who sleep under alcohol influence. According to Paruthi, individuals who sleep under the influence of alcohol tend to wake up more at night. Because of this, sleeping long isn’t possible. Furthermore, Freeman said something about individuals who take alcohol and sleeping aids. Freeman says sleeping aids and alcohol are both depressants, and they increase the effect of sedatives. The study author also mentioned that taking sleeping aids and alcohol can cause a major issue. Sometimes, people who do this tend to have medical emergencies.

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Ways To Rest Before Travelling

Freeman advises that before anyone goes on a flight, they should try maintaining their natural body cycles. However, that isn’t constantly possible. One way to achieve a natural body cycle is by choosing a flight that works with your sleeping pattern. Freeman also advised that individuals on flights should avoid creating sleep and wake cycles by taking alcohol or energy drinks. Instead of drinking alcohol, coffee, or energy drinks, Freeman advises that individuals take water. According to Freeman, staying hydrated is important as flying involves a dry environment. When it comes to food choices, Freeman is against eating food that is available at airports or served on planes. This is because the foods available are usually salty or heavily processed, and these meals aren’t good for your health. The best option is bringing your own meals from home or sticking to plant-based or light meals at the airport. Another way to rest properly before taking a flight is by exercising.

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If you’re thinking about exercises to engage in, Freeman advises taking a walk rather than using the elevator. Also, walking around a bit is important when you’re on a long flight. Lastly, Freeman recommended noise-cancelling headphones for anyone who would love to nap on a plane. Also, it’s best not to use your mobile devices or laptops while you wait for your flight to take off. Taking care of your health while flying can be a hectic task. However, it’s necessary to put in the effort to take care of your health on days while you travel. Doing this will actually make your trip enjoyable.

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