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Natalie Morales Has Two Kids: Here are a Few Challenges She’s Faced as a Mother

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Popular News Anchor Natalie Morales, a mother to two lovely boys, revealed motherhood had taught her that being a perfect mother is impossible.

American Television Host Natalie Morales is famously known for her role as a News anchor on the Today Show by NBC.

Away from the news reporting, she is a doting mother of two boys with her husband Joe Rhodes, a founder and contemporary Managing Partner at Stockton Road Capital LLC. 

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The pair who got married on August 22, 1998, live together in Hoboken, New Jersey, with their children. Let’s meet her adorable kids. 


Joseph Stockton Rhodes

Natalie’s first son Joseph was born in 2004, but his birth came with a bit of drama. The News Anchor had a relatively easy pregnancy, and things felt fine until the baby’s heart rate dropped alarmingly during labor. 

She had to undergo a cesarean section to ensure safe delivery. Thankfully it went without any complications, and Natalie welcomed her son.

In 2019 during the National Teen Driver Safety Week, a 16-year-old Joseph, alongside his mother, appeared on The Today show production, which followed the teen on his quest to acquire a driving license.

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Luke Hudson Rhodes

Natalie’s second son Luke was born in 2008. Not much is known about him, but the youngster who recently turned 13 was celebrated by his mother, who posted his picture on her Instagram page.


Natalie, in a column for Latina Magazine, explained like all mothers, she suffers from “Mom Guilt” when she works too much or has a busy schedule that would hinder her from spending time with her kids. 

The News Anchor also explained that while her sons were toddlers, she was obsessed with their poop, sometimes worrying if they pooped enough, and other times she would check the texture and color of their poop to make sure everything was alright.

She was also shocked at the rate at which little kids defecate, and the mother of two learned how to always carry extra diapers and clothes for kids. 

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Natalie revealed her reflexes improved as a mother because she could now pick up a falling glass of milk before it even hits the table. 

Her storytelling and lying abilities also increased as they became necessary traits sometimes to keep her kids in check, especially when she had to explain why the tooth fairy failed to notify them about the kid’s tooth falling off. 

Joseph and Luke also hated eating vegetables, so the mother of two had to master the dark arts of sneaking a bit of veggie into her kid’s diet.

Natalie also revealed a parenting moment she wished she could take back was a day she swore heavily in front of her boys while taking them to soccer practice. 

After a truck cut her off, which made the News Anchor miss her turn, the mother of two then got lost in the middle of Secaucus, New Jersey, and had to return home without the kids making it to practice. She revealed:

“There was a lot of apologizing the next day and saying, ‘Don’t you ever do that. Don’t do as I do.’ ”

Natalie has, however, learned that a mother’s hug could heal everything for both her and the kids. 

Even when she had a terrible day putting her kids to bed and hugging them made everything better, and according to her, there is no greater love. 

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