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HomeNewsMichigan Police Arrest Woman Who Stole Walmart Shoppers’ Horse and Amish Buggy

Michigan Police Arrest Woman Who Stole Walmart Shoppers’ Horse and Amish Buggy

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Michigan Police Arrest Woman Who Stole Walmart Shoppers’ Horse and Amish Buggy
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On what seemed like a regular day, a quiet family went to a convenience store to do some shopping. They parked their houses and Amish buggy outside and went in to buy their groceries. However, when they returned, they discovered it was missing.

This incident happened at a Walmart branch in Sturgis, Michigan. According to a press release by the Sturgis Police Department, it happened on January 27th. An unidentified woman stole the buggy while the family shopped inside. Unbeknownst to her, a truck driver in the parking lot saw everything go down.

When the Walmart staff reported the incident, the police interviewed people, and the driver came forward. He gave a good description of the thief to the police, helping them identify her. Surprisingly, the police said they had contact with the woman earlier that day at the same Walmart location. 

As they now knew who they were looking for, they began a search for the woman and the buggy. Later that night, they found the woman, the stolen horse, and the buggy at a motel. They arrested the 31-year-old woman easily and without incident. 

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The police took her to the St. Joseph County Jail and booked her on two charges. The first was larceny, and the second was theft of livestock. Thanks to the efforts of the police and the driver’s description, they found the horse and buggy unharmed. They returned both to the family, who were extremely grateful to them. 

As an Amish family, it is not surprising that the horse and buggy are their means of transportation. This is because of their belief that automobiles are not ideal. They prefer this mode of transport to maintain distance from the world and slow the speed of life. 

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Therefore, they train their horses from a young age to be able to pull the buggy conveniently. They also wear blinders for their horses to prevent them from being distracted by the vehicle they are pulling. 

There are many different types of Amish buggies available. The one called the hack is equivalent to a pick-up truck. It can carry large loads for long distances effectively. People also call it the buckboard, as they use it to transport livestock as well. 

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Some driver compartments of hacks are covered, while others are open. However, the most common buggy type is the surrey. This is the buggy that transports people from place to place. It is most often crafted with style and designed for humans. 

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