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Exceptional and Awesomely Unique Rat Rods That Dare to Stand Out

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Rat rods are a special kind of car that only a few people find attractive. These vehicles are custom-made and built from inexpensive or cast-off pieces. These cars radiate strength and raw energy. 

An image of a rat rod
Source: Rockstarscars/X

The slides below look at different excellent rat rods. Even the most devoted rat rod lovers may come across strange cars, adding to the experience.


The first rat rod we will be looking at is Rodzilla. The Blastolene Brothers built Rodzilla on a 1928 Studebaker chassis. It is very huge as it is over seven feet high. 

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An image of the Rodzilla
Source: King Country Towing and Salvage/YouTube

It has a 29-litre turbocharged engine from a Patton tank that generates an incredible 1400 horsepower. This huge rat rod runs a quarter-mile in 11 seconds.

1966 Chevrolet C10 “Tiffany”

Built by Classic Car Studio and owned by Noah Alexander of Saint Louis, Ms. Tiffany shows a blend of time and effort together with a rat rod’s shabby appearance. It has an LS1 V-8 engine with 346 cubic inches of turbocharged power that explodes from the front. 

An image of the 1966 Chevrolet C10 “Tiffany”
Source: ScottieDTV/YouTube

Also, this rat rod has two enormous exhaust pipes protruding from the front.

1964 Chevrolet G10 van

Van Rod is a 1964 Chevrolet G10 van that was first cut apart and then fitted with a Chrysler engine via rat rodding. Its engine was reverse-installed on top of the van’s rear axle. 

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An image of 1964 Chevrolet G10 Boogie Van
Source: AlexeySkyline/X

An image of 1964 Chevrolet G10 Boogie VIt differs from the original, iconic flat windshield van with a 153-cubic-inch engine producing 90 horsepower as standard. It also had a three-speed manual gearbox, an optional heater, and a front passenger-side seat.

1952 Kaiser-Frazer Henry J “Henry Jaded”

In 1947, Kaiser-Frazer became the first American corporation to establish a manufacturing and sales organization in Japan after World War II. Together with Sears Roebuck, the company sold vehicles via catalogs. 

An image of "Henry Jaded"
Source: Kruzinusa/Facebook

The Henry J was christened in honor of its chairman, Henry J. Kaiser, even though the business failed after only five years. A Chevrolet Performance 572 engine was installed in this Henry J. It was made silent by single-chamber Flowmaster mufflers with a four-inch intake and exit.

Supercharged Big Block

The supercharged big block has a 468 large block Chevy engine, a Dyer’s supercharger, and a Mutha Thumper Cam. These features give the car a more distinctive appearance.

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An image of Big block supercharged Model A
Source: HotCars/Facebook

One of the more common body types that rat racers put together to create one-of-a-kind bespoke creations is the 1930 Ford. People will think a dinosaur must be strolling about when this big hitter kicks in.

1925 Duesenberg 8 Speedway Roadster

The Duesenberg brothers made this beast in 1925. The vehicle was gifted to driver Peter DePaolo, who won the Indy 500 effortlessly. The engine had a displacement of 121.3 cubic inches with a supercharger installed, which could generate 225 horsepower. 

An image of 1928 Duesenberg 8 Speedway Roadster
Source: CarsUnfiltered/ X

When this automobile went up for auction, the estimated price range was $200,000–$275,000. The actual price was much higher at $352,000.

Stubby Bob

People watched this rat rod finished on the popular social media show “Roadkill.” The hosts, Mike Finnegan and David Freiburger took a 1950 Ford F6 2-ton dump truck. 

An image of Stubby Bob
Source: Roadkill/Facebook

They installed a Weiand supercharger kit and a 454 cubic-inch big-block Chevy engine. This significantly increased its speed. Also, they used a Hooker weld-up kit for the exhaust and reduced the wheelbase in addition to these modifications.

1957 Chevy Wagon Rat Rod

This rat rod was the national winner of the 2013 “Rat Rod Build-Off.” The ITW Hot Rods in Minnesota used a.57 wagon body as the base for a new frame. 

An image of the 1957 Chevy Wagon Rat Rod

Also, it has a 355ci Yeoman Racing Engines Small Block Chevy engine. It came with another stylish touch of four-spoke steering wheels. Rick Newberry later bought the rat rod from Chris Walker, the owner of ITW Hot Rods.

1932 Ford Tudor “GPT”

The Johnson’s Hot Rod Shop developed this rod for the 1997 Detroit Autorama entry. It has a 312 Ford Y block V8 engine that came with a secret Hillborne injection unit system. 

An image of a 1932 Ford Tudor Street Rod
Source: txclassics/X

Also, it has a JHRS chassis and gold anodized Hallibrand wheels. They cut the panels, pushed down the cowl, and trimmed the quarter windows to make it shorter than a rat rod.

1976 Toyota Land Cruiser Fj40

Allers Rods & Customs constructed the lowered street rod variant at a shop close to Johannesburg, South Africa. The makers of the car made it to embody South African culture. 

An image of a TLC 1976 Restored Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 V8
Source: ICON/YouTube

Allers Rods & Customs added VW Golf headlights, Jeep Wrangler seats, and a reworked front suspension. It also has a Lexus 1UZ V8 and four-pot caliper front brakes with single-pot discs.

Steam Punk – Diesel Punk

The idea of steampunk is to live in a world where steam instead of coal plants power everything. This explains how the electrical era came about. This rat rod can generate an incredible 1,250 horsepower using standard gasoline.

An image of a steampunk car
Source: Steampunk Cars/Facebook

It can even generate a more insane 1,600 horsepower when using nitrous. It is constructed from an ancient diesel Model A.

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