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Merrick Garland Says New Gun Laws Blocks Young People from Over 500 Gun Purchases

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Merrick Garland Says New Gun Laws Blocks Young People from Over 500 Gun Purchases
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Since a new gun law went into full effect in 2022, it has blocked more than 500 gun purchases by underaged individuals. In a news conference on January 5th, Attorney General Merrill Garland made this statement to show how the ongoing effects of the government on company gun violence across the country. 

This came as he was addressing a recent school shooting that happened on the new year’s first day of class at an Iowa high school. A 17-year-old armed with a shotgun and a handgun attacked the school, killed a sixth grader, and wounded five others. 

The suspect, who was a student at the school, died at the exact location of what investigators believe is a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Nobody knows exactly how the shooter got the weapons, but federal law states that people under the age of 18 cannot legally purchase guns. 

This law is bipartisan, meaning both the Democrats and Republicans fully agree with it. Therefore, it was easy to pass in June 2022. It is the strictest gun law in the U.S. for decades and hopes to reduce the access of minors to firearms.

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The bill also requires an extra background check for any gun purchases by people under age 21. According to the Justice Department, sellers must not give guns to convicts of rape, a suspect in an attempted murder case, or someone who was committed for mental health treatment. 

The president also strongly supports this policy, calling it an important milestone. “Simply put: this legislation is saving lives,” he said in a statement. He also called for the enforcement of additional measures for general firearms purchases. 

These include universal background checks and a ban on firearms, often referred to as assault weapons. His administration is the first in a while to battle gun violence with all its might.

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POLL—Do You Support Stricter Gun Control Laws and Assault Weapon Bans?

He said, “ [I am] proud to have taken more executive action than any president in history to combat gun violence in America, and I will never stop fighting to get even more done.”

Biden’s administration passed the 2022 law after a series of mass shootings rampaged the country. People lost their lives, and many others escaped with serious injuries. In the case of a Texas elementary school shooting, 19 students and two teachers died from the incident. 

Therefore, this law is necessary to ensure the safety of students and their teachers. It also helps to keep firearms from domestic violence and to protect abused persons in homes.

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Furthermore, it helps states put red flag laws that make it easier for authorities to take weapons from people they know to be dangerous. To buy a gun now, one must subject themselves to a thorough check with state and local officials and FBI databases.

According to Garland, this law has blocked 527 gun purchases from happening. While no one can know the buyers’ intentions, it is safer to follow the law. In addition, this could save a life or even hundreds. 

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