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Meet Layla Kiffin: She Stuck With Lane Kiffin Through Thick and Thin, But It Wasn’t Enough 

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Layla Kiffin is most famous for being Lane Kiffin’s ex-wife. 

The two were married for nearly three decades and welcomed three beautiful kids together before eventually going their separate ways. Many felt sad to see the pair split because they had been a great team.

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Layla Kiffin (Source: Pinterest)
Layla Kiffin (Source: Pinterest)

Lane Kiffin is an American football coach with an excellent track record. He became the youngest head coach in modern football history when he joined the Oakland Raiders. He is known for his work with the USC Trojans football team between 2005 and 2006, Oakland Raiders from 2007 to 2008, as head coach of the University of Tennessee Volunteers college football team in 2009, and as head coach of the Trojans from 2010 to 2013.

All in all, Lane has a very active career that has brought him a lot of success. However, it is not sunshine, rainbows, and clear skies all the time. Being a coach has challenges, like the transfers that caused him and his family to be moved throughout the country.

Layla Kiffin was married to Lane for 15 years. However, forever was not in their books, and they eventually parted ways. 

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Layla Kiffin Married Lane Kiffin in 2000

Lane Kiffin and Layla tied the knot on July 1, 2000. This was years before his stint with the Oakland Raiders and USC, which meant he was less stable and famous. 

Not that it mattered to Layla. She and the NFL star coach went on to conquer many trials as husband and wife. Lane has a great career now, but it was not easy to build it. He constantly faced criticism and often made headlines for less than pleasant reasons. 

Layla stuck with him through it all, supporting his career choices and fighting for him on the dirty streets of the internet. In 2014, she reportedly trolled Tennessee fans with several tweets from an unverified Twitter page linked to her. 

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Layla Kiffin posing with Lane Kiffin
Layla Kiffin posing with Lane Kiffin (Source: Pinterest)

Lane had a tough season at Tennessee as the head coach, bagging a record of 7-6. The troll tweets went live after Lane’s team was paired against Alabama. 

When Lane left Tennessee, it interrupted the program and destroyed the top-five recruiting class. In the years that followed, neither the volunteers nor the new coaches have succeeded in creating new achievements. The team has also not produced a winning season. 

She Has Three Kids With Lane Kiffin 

Layla Kiffin and Lane were blessed with three kids. Their eldest child, a girl they named Landry, was born in 2005, while their second child, Presley, was welcomed two years later in 2007. 

The couple welcomed their last child, a boy, in 2009 and named him Knox. Lane is a great coach, but he is an even better father. He shares a strong bond with his kids and enjoys spending time with them. 

In the early half of 2022, Lane was pictured with his daughters, Landry and Presley, shopping in a mall. Things went awry after Lane realized how much his daughters had spent at the mall. 

A short clip that captured his reaction was posted on Tiktok by Landry. The video quickly went viral because of his hilarious response. In the footage, Lane was seated on a chair, attempting to calm himself after discovering his daughters bought goods worth over $700. 

He threw his daughters a look of disbelief and seemed lost for seconds as he processed what had happened. The video has amassed more than two million likes and thousands of comments. 

Why Did Layla and Lane Kiffin Divorce? 

Lane’s challenging career was not the only thing Layla had to contend with during their marriage. In 2015, rumors that Lane was having an affair started circulating on Twitter.

Lane Kiffin with his then-wife Layla Kiffin on the red carpet
Lane Kiffin with his then-wife Layla Kiffin on the red carpet (Source: Pinterest)

The rumors tied Lane to football coach Nick Saban’s daughter Kristen Saban. It caused a lot of commotion on the internet but did not cause Layla to leave Lane. At least not at once. 

They weathered that storm but, in 2016, called it quits, claiming their decision was based on mutual agreement. Despite the divorce, the duo told their fans they would remain committed to raising their kids together. 

The real reason for their divorce remains unknown even today. Many have wondered why Layla, who used to defend Lane like Cardi B defends Offset, agreed to a divorce. Some have speculated that it has to do with Lane’s cheating scandals, but only they will ever really know.

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