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Meet Doja Cat’s Mom — Deborah Elizabeth Sawyer

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Deborah Elizabeth Sawyer is a 60-year-old talented American actress and a highly skilled painter. Sawyer is significantly famous as a painter due to her versatility. She became known as an actress after she appeared in some movies.

However, Deborah Elizabeth Sawyer is best known as the mother of the famous Grammy Award-winning American singer and TikTok sensation Doja Cat. The singer is celebrated for her viral hits “Get Into It,’ and “Say So,” amongst others.

Doja Cat (Source: Pinterest)

Who Is Doja Cat’s Mom?

The mother of the ‘Say So’ crooner, Deborah Elizabeth Sawyer, was born in Los Angeles, USA. The identity of her parents and siblings is a mystery, and it is unclear whether she has siblings or not. She has not revealed any information about her parents or siblings, and there are no verifiable reports about them.

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However, she reportedly lived with her grandmother, who was a painter. Living with her grandmother must have had some influence on her choice of career. Consequently, Sawyer became interested in painting and went the extra mile to pursue her passion.

Is Deborah Elizabeth Sawyer Educated?

Asides from being the mother of a famous singer, Deborah Elizabeth Sawyer is an educated woman. She attended the College of New Jersey and graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Art.

Immediately after she graduated from the College of New Jersey, she enrolled at the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, where she also graduated with a Master of Fine Arts in Painting. In addition to learning and picking up painting skills from her grandmother, Deborah Elizabeth Sawyer took the time to learn professionally. 

She earned her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Fine Arts. While learning from her grandmother laid the foundation, getting her degrees improved her career trajectory and skyrocketed her to the limelight.

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A picture of Deborah Elizabeth Sawyer and her daughter
A beautiful picture of Doja Cat’s mom, Deborah Elizabeth Sawyer, and a young Doja Cat. (Source: Instagram @_.dojacat)

Is Doja Cat’s Mom a Musician?

The popular TikTok sensation’s mother is not a musician; she is a famous professional painter and actress. Although there is little information about her childhood background, she reportedly learned painting from her grandmother in her early days. Then further went ahead to learn professionally, thereby earning her academic degrees.

Deborah Elizabeth Sawyer is known for her environment-related paintings using oil, wax, and gouache. Reports also suggest that she loves experimenting with colors in her work. Plus, she is an actress with some movie credits.

Is Deborah Elizabeth Sawyer Married?

Presently, Doja Cat’s mother is not married; she is divorced. Sawyer was married to a South African Actor and producer, Dumisani Dlamini. Dlamini is famous for his appearance in the iconic South-African film Sarafina. Deborah Elizabeth Sawyer and the actor met during his Sarafina tours to the United States, and they started dating shortly after.

A picture of Deborah Elizabeth Sawyer's ex-husband
Deborah Elizabeth Sawyer’s Ex-husband and Doja Cat’s father, Dumisani Dlamini. (Source: Instagram @official_dumisanidlamini)

After dating briefly, the former couple tied the knot and stayed married for a while. They eventually called it quits after over fifteen years of marriage for reasons unknown, and Doja Cat’s mother kept custody of their children. After the divorce, Dlamini returned to South Africa.

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Is Doja Cat Deborah Elizabeth Sawyer’s Only Child?

No, she is not. The mother of the Grammy Award-winning superstar has three children with her ex-husband. The now-divorced couple shares two daughters, including Doja Cat, and a son.

Her first daughter is Amala Ratna Zandile Dlamini, famously known as Doja Cat. However, Deborah Elizabeth Sawyer has not made the identity of her second daughter and son public. But reports suggest that Doja Cat’s siblings stay in different cities in the United States.

What Is Deborah Elizabeth Sawyer’s Net Worth?

Doja Cat’s mother has amassed considerable wealth through the years. Her impeccable career as a painter and an actress has been nothing short of impressionable despite the few bumps on the road.

Deborah Elizabeth Sawyer primarily earns her income from her career as a successful painter and actress. Although unverified, some reports suggest she has an estimated net worth of over $700 thousand, and it seems the renowned painter wants to keep her net worth from the public.

Fans of Doja Cat can’t wait to get more details about the superstar’s relationship with her mother and siblings. However, reports suggest Sawyer has a healthy relationship with her superstar daughter.

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