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Marcel Young Is One of Dr Dre’s Nine Kids: His Mom Had No Idea He Had Been Conceived

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Marcel Young is mostly famous for being the son of Dr Dre, a man many consider a Godfather in the American hip-hop industry, and R&B singer Michel’le Toussaint. 

Dr. Dre photographed out in public
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Marcel is named after his father, whose real name is Andre Romelle Young. He keeps most of his life private, so there is very little information about him on the Internet.

In fact, Marcel has only made headlines because of two things: his appearance in a drama titled “Surviving Compton: Dre, Suge, and Michel’le” in 2016 and his parent’s violent relationship. 

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What We Know About Marcel Young 

As mentioned earlier, Marcel keeps most of his life private. However, some information about him has been gleaned from interviews and some social media posts. 

Dr. Dre and Marcel Young posing together for the camera
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Marcel was born in 1991 when Michel’le was still actively striving to be a musician. She met Dr Dre because of their interest in music. 

He was the sole producer of the label she was signed to, and their work together led to them getting closer and eventually intimate. Sadly, her relationship with Dr Dre slowly unraveled after he was born. 

Dr Dre was not yet as big as he is now career-wise and had been completely focused on making a name for himself. Thus he was not ready to fulfill his responsibilities as a father.

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Eventually, she and Dr Dre went their separate ways; their son had been five. Despite their separation and the bad blood between his parents, Marcel has remained close to them and his siblings. 

What Really Happened Between His Parents

Michel’le and Dr Dre had a tumultuous relationship while they were together. It was not just about Dr Dre being unavailable physically, as Michel’le seemed to understand that part. It had more to do with Dr Dre being physically abusive

A black and white picture of Michel'le
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She once claimed that as a person in showbiz, not having a child was the best option if success was the goal. This may be a shocking take to some, but when it comes to Michel’le, it makes a lot of sense. 

When her son was a fetus growing within her, she had no idea. By the time she found out, he was already six months old, and she was in the middle of the Hammer tour. 

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Being pregnant left her no choice but to suspend her plans to perform on the tour, which had two months to go. Michel’le had to return home to deliver her baby before continuing the tour. 

She eventually stepped away from music and settled down as a housewife and mother. However, Dr Dre allegedly had a habit of hitting her, so there was no joy in their home. 

Michel’le said about the sordid experience: “When you’re living in it, you can’t see it,” Michel’le. But I couldn’t believe that I was really living like that, and it really resonated with me. Never did I wake up and ask Dre., ‘Why did you hit me?'”

Dr Dre allegedly threatened to sue her for making him look like a woman beater for what she said, but there are no records of him doing so. 

Marcel Young’s Siblings

Despite Michel’le’s claims that Dr Dre used her face as a punching bag one too many times, she praised him for being a good father. 

Including Marcel, the rapper has nine kids with different women, the first being the one he had while he was still just a high school kid. His kids include: 

  1. Curtis Young
  2. LaTanya Young
  3. Tyra Young
  4. LaToya Young
  5. Ashley Young
  6. Andre R Young Jr
  7. Marcel Young
  8. Truice Young
  9. Truly Young

Unfortunately, Dr Dre lost his son Andre in 2008. The boy was 20 at the time and was found dead in his California home around 10:30 am on August 23 by his mom, Jenita Porter. 

She quickly called for help but the paramedics that came were unable to resuscitate him and pronounced him dead at the scene. Months later, it was revealed that Andre’s death was an accident caused by morphine and heroin intoxication. 

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