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A Man Learnt to Survive After His Boat Capsized on the Farm

A man whose boat capsized on a river near a farm tried to make his way to the riverbank despite his fear of crocodiles.

A tourist once set sail in a small boat in a little farming town. No sooner had he commenced his fishing expedition when the boat capsized and tossed him into the cold river.

The boat capsized | Image: Unsplash
The boat capsized | Image: Unsplash

Luckily, the man could swim, but his fear of crocodiles hindered him from making his way to the river bank. Instead, he clung to the overturned boat hoping someone would eventually come to his rescue.

A while later, the tourist saw a farmer at the edge of the river and called for his attention. He then asked the farmer if there were crocodiles in the river, to which the local replied:

“Nah. There hasn’t been any for years.”

Now confident of his safety, the man began swimming to the river bank. After covering half the distance, he spotted the farmer again and asked:

He began swimming to the riverbank | Image: Unsplash
He began swimming to the riverbank | Image: Unsplash

“How’d you rid yourselves of the crocs?”

Without sparing a second thought, the farmer replied:

“We didn’t do anything. The sharks got’em.”

The tourist could not believe his misfortune as his body went limp in fear all over again.



A farmer learned the use of a chainsaw the hard way after acquiring one from a hardware store.

A local farmer decided to embrace modern means of completing tasks in order to become time-efficient. Top on his list was to secure a chain saw to help him fell trees in the minimum time possible.

Off he went to the neighborhood hardware store, where he demanded a chainsaw that could fell six trees within an hour.

He demanded for a saw that could fell six tress within an hour | Image: Unsplash
He demanded for a saw that could fell six tress within an hour | Image: Unsplash

The salesman wasted no time recommending the best product available in the store. The farmer was impressed with the quality and the tasks it could perform, so he bought it.

However, the unhappy customer returned the next day and complained to the salesman that the saw could only cut a single tree. And worse still, the task took a whole day.

Confused, the salesman collected the chainsaw and started it up to confirm the problem. Just as he did, the farmer asked:

“What’s that noise?”



A farmer entrusted a crate of chickens to his son while returning from the market. The boy lost the birds and tried retrieving them.

A farmer’s son returning from the market was carrying a crate of chickens entrusted to him by his father. A few miles from his house, the box fell from his hand and broke, thereby discharging all the chickens it contained.

The birds scurried off in different directions to explore their newfound freedom. However, the boy, determined not to fail his dad, went after them, searching through the neighborhood and picking up all the chickens he could find.

The birds scurried off in different directions | Image: Unsplash
The birds scurried off in different directions | Image: Unsplash

When he felt he had found them all, he secured them in the repaired crate and hurried off home to his father, expecting the worst. As soon as he entered the house, he narrated his ordeal to his father saying:

“Pa, the chickens got loose. But I managed to find all twelve of them.”

With a broad smile spread across his face, the farmer retorted:

“Well, you did real good, son. Because you only left with seven!”


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