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Ludacris Once Cheated on Eudoxie: How Their Relationship Survived the Affair

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In a generation where most celebrity breakups can be traced to cheating scandals, Ludacris and Eudoxie scaled through one, emerging stronger than ever. 

When news of rapper Ludacris’s affair with Tamika Fuller broke in 2014, many expected a follow-up announcement of his breakup with then-girlfriend, Eudoxie Mbouguiengue. The revelation that the affair yielded a love child, Cai Bella, born in 2013 made the split seem imminent.

However, rather than call it quits, the lovebirds followed up the scandalous reports with their engagement and marriage, taking the world by surprise. Of course, their union attracted backlash from the media and netizens, with most calling out Eudoxie for sticking around.

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Over six years down the line, Ludacris and his wife are more in love than ever as they sustain their growing family. The absence of further scandal since their union further proves Eudoxie made the right decision. Take a look at how the couple managed to overcome their darkest moment.


Eudoxie Bridges, nee Mbouguiengue is a 35-year-old woman from Gabon who won the heart of Award-winning musician and founder of Kid Nation, Ludacris. Aside from being the wife of a music legend and actor, Eudoxie is the founder of the nonprofit organization, Unspoken Angels.

The organization aims to support, educate and inspire young women in the United States and West Africa. As a survivor of verbal, mental, and physical abuse, the icon resolved to contribute her quota to ensure other victims overcome the ordeal with minimum consequences.

Additionally, Eudoxie is the author of the book, “Unspoken Angel: My Story Through Her Eyes.”

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The lovebirds’ first meeting happened in August 2008. They stumbled upon each other on Ludaday, a weekend tradition intended to bring families and celebrities together.

The twosome hit it off almost immediately, and before long, nurtured their friendship into something bigger. In 2018, Ludacris and Eudoxie marked the tenth anniversary of their meeting. 

The author celebrated the milestone on Instagram, sharing a picture of them locking lips, accompanied by a lengthy message. She recounted their first meeting, before clarifying they only began locking lips in 2009.

Eudoxie also expressed how glad she felt that they let things work out between them. She added that there was no one else she’d rather go through life with. Admittedly, in the last decade, they only became better “friends, lovers, parents and partners.’

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Sometime in 2014, news broke that the 43-year-old fathered a child with his longtime friend, Tamika Fuller a year prior. At the time, Ludacris and Eudoxie were about five years into their relationship, making it glaring that the hip-hop legend cheated on his girlfriend.

The revelation nearly ruined their relationship. However, Eudoxie thought better of it and decided to stick around, despite everyone else advising her otherwise. Love prevailed eventually and by December that year, Ludacris popped the big question to his soulmate, and she said yes!

Interestingly, the duo could hardly wait to make things official, as barely hours after their engagement, they tied the knot. Their union signified their willingness to overlook all the faults, but the ripples of Ludacris’ affair were far from over.


Following their marriage, Ludacris and Eudoxie became a constant topic of media criticism. That was partly due to their decision to marry amid the cheating controversy, and partly because of the legal battle over custody of the love child, Cai Bella.

After months-long legal feud and scathing exchanges in court, Ludacris won primary custody of Cai. Prior to that, the actor had another daughter, Karma Bridges, from a previous relationship.

In June 2015, Ludacris and Eudoxie welcomed a child together, Cadence Bridges, finally putting the scandal behind them for good.


Although the couple has long moved past the scandalous affair, relishing their blended family peacefully, the internet never forgets. 

Following an appearance on “If Not For My Girls,” in 2019, alongside LeToya Luckett-Walker and Keri Hilson, Eudoxie was forced to address the subject again. 

A clip from the show surfaced on social media. It showed Ludacris’ wife admitting that if not for the two singers, she would remain in relationships that no longer served her. A commenter asked the mother of one if no one told her to leave when Ludacris had his side baby.

In response, Eudoxie pointed out many people advised her to walk away, but she opted to listen to her heart. She knew it was the right thing to do, and it turned out as the best decision she ever made.


On Eudoxie’s 35th birthday in May 2021, the lovebirds announced they were expecting their second child together. The soon-to-be father of four shared the news on Instagram while penning a loving birthday tribute to his wife.

He accompanied the birthday tribute with beautiful photos of his wife showing off her baby bump while posing beside an ornamental table covered with flowers. The baby would be Eudoxie’s second, and Ludacris’s fourth.

Of course, several fans and celebrities turned up to celebrate the author, while congratulating the expectant parents for their growing family.

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