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Kremlin Confirms Tucker Carlson Interviewed Putin, Claims His Views Aren’t “One-Sided”

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President Putin and Tucker Carlson
Source: Quora

The Russian seat of power, the Kremlin, has welcomed top-rated conservative journalist Tucker Carlson. Tucker Carlson was unexpectedly sighted in Moscow, first by the breaking news Telegram channel Mash. 

The Telegram channel posted photos of Carlson at an Istanbul airport and another of him in Moscow. The photos were everywhere on social media. They showed Carlson at the famous Bolshoi Theater, where he visited to watch the ballet, Spartacus. 

Tucker Carlson was in the Russian capital as a guest of President Vladimir Putin. He had asked for an interview with the Russian leader, and the Kremlin had accepted. Both men have sat for the interview the Kremlin has announced. 

On Tuesday, February 6, Tucker Carlson had lots of time to ask Putin questions about the war with Ukraine and more. The Kremlin, through a spokesperson on Wednesday, confirmed the interview. 

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Even Carlson released a video on Tuesday confirming the plan to interview the Russian leader. In the video, which Carlson shot in Moscow, he claimed that Western journalists have focused on the Ukrainian President, Volodymyr Zelensky, and ignored Putin. 

He alleged that Western media outlets have not bothered to interview the Russian President even though they have done so for Zelensky multiple times. 

The Russian President has hardly been involved with Western media ever since the war with Ukraine began in February 2022. The Russian government has also stifled the media and highly regulated their reporting. 

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Many Russian media outlets have closed since the start of the war. The government has seized some licenses and chased many foreign reporters from the country. 

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Putin’s spokesperson, Dmitry Peskov, told reporters why the Kremlin granted Carlson’s request for an interview. Peskov said that Carlson shares different views about the war from other English-speaking journalists. Peskov revealed that the Kremlin was impressed with Carlson’s views because they weren’t “one-sided.” 

Carlson hasn’t hidden his disdain for the Ukrainian President during his time as a former Fox News show host or as a private podcast presenter. He has also questioned America’s massive support for Zelensky, who he believes is no less a dictator than Putin is perceived to be.

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“When it comes to the countries of the collective West, the large network media, TV channels and large newspapers can in no way boast of even trying to at least look impartial in terms of coverage,” Peskov said.

Peskov said that Carlson’s position was in no way “pro-Russian, nor pro-Ukranian, but rather, pro-American.”

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Peskov debunked Carlson’s claim that no Western journalists had asked to interview Putin. He disclosed that the Kremlin has received many such requests from large media corporations. However, these organizations’ views of the war were too one-sided for their liking. 

CNN’s Christianne Amampour has also responded to Carlson’s claim. “Does Tucker really think we journalists haven’t been trying to interview President Putin every day since his full scale invasion of Ukraine? she asked on her X account. “It’s absurd — we’ll continue to ask for an interview, just as we have for years now.”

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