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Kerry Washington Has a Penchant for Privacy, and This is Why

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Hollywood star Kerry Washington has kept her personal life off the spotlight for some years now despite being an A-list actress, and she does have her reasons for it.

Kerry Washington’s career has been a Hollywood staple since the 90s, and now in the latter part of her career, fans have witnessed a positive surge in her acting resume.

Through it all, Washington preferred to keep her personal life off the spotlight and public scrutiny. The actress does have her reasons for upholding a privacy policy and sticking to it.

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Washington Speaks on Privacy

In a 2015 interview, the “Scandal” actress extensively explained why she decided she would control information shared with the public. The star recalled the earlier part of her career.

Washington made it known that back then, she was a “super-sharey” type of person, and much of her information was at fans’ disposal. The actress noted that she became conscious of privacy after giving it a thought.

The “Django Unchained” actress relayed that she thought about the time when she would feel like keeping some things to herself but might have it difficult to do because fans would be present. This prompted her to go on the privacy path.

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Inside Washington’s Personal Life

Washington is married to former football cornerback and actor Nnamdi Asomugha. The pair got hitched in 2013 to Nnamdi, whom she never showed off on social media when they were dating.

The news about the couple’s wedding became public knowledge a week after the ceremony. The celebrity duo was said to have tied the knot at Blaine County in Idaho.

The award-winning actress kept up this energy when she gave birth to her children, Isabelle Amarachi and Caleb Kelechi. Washington announced her kids’ birth two weeks after she welcomed them.

Her Parenting Style

Washington’s privacy choice extends to her kids and how she shields them from public scrutiny. The star explained how she has been very vigilant in making sure the kids’ life stays out of public perusal.

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The “Little Fires Everywhere” actress explained that it was not Rapunzel-style privacy, but she made sure her children’s private life were a priority. Washington pointed out that she did not want her kids to be “exploited,” especially in the “social media world.”

The 44-year-old noted that she believed “any parent” would want to protect their children from situations that could make them scared. Washington admitted to moments of temptation as regards social media.

She explained that there were times she would have to reign in the desire to post the kids. Washington relayed that in these moments, she would send the photos to her mom or doctor.

The movie star described parenting as an adventure where certain activities can pose challenges. For Washington, parenting is about letting go of a lot of things, as well as empowering kids.

The actress is opening up more these days, but she still keeps her kids protected, as she owns a private Instagram account. Her other official account carries information about her life, and Washington also shared her phone number with fans.

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