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Inside Dakota Johnson and Chris Martin’s Very Private Relationship

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From their engagement to moving in together, Dakota Johnson and Chris Martin’s relationship have fast gained media attention.

For over three years, Hollywood icons Dakota Johnson and Chris Martin have enjoyed a romance set to lead them to the altar. Yet, the twosome has remained relatively private when it comes to sharing details about their relationship.

Not even their penchant for privacy could stop the public from fishing out significant highlights of their otherwise private romance. News of their decision to move in together further heightened the media craze surrounding the couple, giving rise to the question, “Is Dakota Johnson married to Chris Martin?”

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Dakota Johnson and Chris Martin | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

Taking a look back at where it all began, it’s pretty difficult to believe three years had passed since these two talented A-listers became an item.


Dakota Johnson and Chris Martin reportedly became acquainted after mutual friends introduced them. Their meeting followed the Coldplay frontman’s 2015 split from his ex-wife Gwyneth Paltrow, with whom he shares two children. The duo began dating soon after, leaving fans excited


While the private pair have failed to reveal the exact timeline of their relationship, they were first spotted in public in October 2017. Sources spotted them on a date at a sushi restaurant in Los Angeles.

Although neither confirmed their romance at the time, the source disclosed they appeared cozy and affectionate while enjoying a meal together amid laughter.

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Image: Pinterest

A month later, fans observed the “Fifty Shades Of Grey” actress at one of Martin’s concerts in Buenos Aires, Argentina. News outlets later reported sighting them at a Nick Cave concert in Israel, after which they enjoyed a light dinner.

In December that same year, a source finally outed their relationship, confirming months of speculation.


The twosome has always shied away from discussing their relationship, aside from occasional comments from relatives. Johnson’s dad, Don Johnson, once described the relationship as troubling before admitting he trusted his daughter to handle herself.

In May 2018, the 31-year old’s mom, Melanie Griffith admitted she adored Martin, thus giving the relationship her nod of approval.

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Finally, the couple gave fans something to hold on to. In September 2018, the duo acquired matching tattoos of the infinity symbol on their arm. That same month, Johnson acknowledged the relationship publicly for the first time, admitting she was happy.

Dakota Johnson and Chris Martin sort matching infinity tattoos | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest


June 2019 ushered in sad news, as sources reported the couple’s breakup, claiming they split over Johnson’s refusal to have kids soon after their marriage. While Martin wanted more kids, the award-winning actress wanted more time to focus on her career.

Thankfully, the pair decided to give their relationship a second chance, thanks to Paltrow’s intervention. They rekindled their romance in August 2019.


Dakota Johnson flashing her emerald ring | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

In December 2020, pictures of Johnson sporting a ring with a giant emerald stone on her engagement finger flooded the media. The photographs led to speculations that she got engaged to her beau over the holidays.

In their usual private manner, neither of the pair addressed the speculations. However, sources close to the couple have repeatedly confirmed their affair has become more serious.


In February 2021, a source disclosed that the private couple had been cohabiting in Martin’s $12.5 million Malibu mansion since he purchased it in October.

Dakota Johnson and Chris Martin | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

They reportedly spent the pandemic quarantining together in the ocean-front neighbourhood. Being lovers of the outdoors and local restaurants have helped them enjoy the laid-back lifestyle so far.


Before capturing the heart of Dakota Johnson, the renowned female lead on “Fifty Shades Of Grey,” Martin was married to actress Gwyneth Paltrow.

They tied the knot in December 2003, in a private ceremony graced by close family and friends. Their marriage yielded two children; a daughter, Apple and a son, Moses.

Martin and Paltrow’s union lasted until 2014 when the couple announced their “conscious uncoupling.” The actress went on to marry producer Brad Falchuk in 2018.

Gwyneth Paltrow, Brad Falchuk, Dakota Johnson and Xhris Martin on a double beach date | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

However, the exes have since maintained an amiable relationship as co-parents, with Paltrow wholeheartedly welcoming Johnson into their blended family.

Whether or not Martin has become Dakota Johnson’s fiance, their relationship is undoubtedly heading down the aisle sooner than most anticipate.

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