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Home Entertainment Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel Welcome Second Child — Here Is a Timeline of Their Admirable Relationship

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel Welcome Second Child — Here Is a Timeline of Their Admirable Relationship

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel Welcome Second Child — Here Is a Timeline of Their Admirable Relationship

Hollywood love pair, Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel became an item in 2007. Twelve years into their relationship, the duo has scaled through significant milestones together, including becoming legally married, enduring cheating scandals, and welcoming two adorable children.

Rumors of a new addition to the growing family of music Legend, Justin Timberlake, and his wife of eight years, Jessica Biel first broke in July 2020. Since the reveal, the entertainment icons have made the headlines, giving the media a field day as they anticipate confirmation from the rumored-new-parents.


Since their marriage, Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake have maintained a relatively low profile. The duo legalized their union in 2012. Together, the Hollywood stars are parents to a son, Silas Randall Timberlake, whom they welcomed in 2015. The pair have sustained a blissful party of three in their Los Angeles home since starting a family. With the news of a new arrival, the happy family is set to have more reasons to celebrate.

While the world has its breath held in anticipation of the big reveal, many have turned to the next best thing— a trip down memory lane. 


Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel’s love story began with a first meeting through a mutual friend in 2007. The 39-year-old music icon was at the time, fresh out of a four-year relationship with Cameron Diaz.

They ran into each other at the friend’s birthday party, coincidentally hosted by Timberlake. They hit it off at once and spoke at length at the bash. Soon, the singer could not bear to part ways. Ultimately, he did the logical thing, asking their mutual friend for the green light to push for something more.


Their mutual friend bought the idea of matching-up the pair. Before long, the said friend helped get confirmation from Biel to have Timberlake call her. The music icon made the call at her approval, and they soon became a closely-knit pair.

Admittedly, Biel proved difficult to woo at the beginning, refusing all his advances and offer of something more than friendship. The actress eventually warmed up to Timberlake, marking the beginning of their twelve years journey.


In March 2011, the love birds almost went their separate ways for good following a slight relationship glitch. They broke up briefly, going public with the news of their split shortly after, with a decision to remain friends. 

However, barely months after parting ways, the platonic friendship crumbled. In its place was the promise of a new beginning for the couple who chose to put their love above all else.


Justin Timberlake popped the big question in December 2011 after dating Biel for four years. He made the engagement a memorable one, surprising the love of his life with the proposal during an adventurous trip to Jackson, Wyoming.

Aside from the breath-taking romantic atmosphere, the Wyoming location featured a combination of Biel’s favorite things, including snow-boarding and mountainous scenery.


Almost a year later, Biel became Justin Timberlake’s wife. The duo tied the knot on October 19, 2012 in a glam ceremony held in Italy. For the occasion, Jessica Biel donned an elaborate pink gown. She appeared every definition of a fairy-tale princess as she walked down the aisle towards her groom.

Timberlake appeared delighted as he officially welcomed the actress into his life and heart with a beautiful number.

On April 8, 2015, Biel and Timberlake welcomed their first child, Silas Timberlake. Before his birth, the excited couple announced his arrival via a nostalgic social media post.


The couple lived a scandal-free life until November 2019, when a major cheating-controversy hit them, and almost ruined their marriage.

Photos of Timberlake and his co-star, Alisha Wainwright, seemingly on the verge of making out flooded the media in late 2019. A later footage from the incident showed the duo holding hands, and cozying up to each other. 

Wainwright spoke up soon after news leaked, attesting that they were mere speculations as herself and Timberlake were simply co-stars, working on a project together. Justin Timberlake broke his silence on the incident weeks later, with a public note of apology shared on Instagram.

The 39-year-old singer and actor addressed the rumors in the online letter, confirming the cozy-moment indeed happened, in a moment of drunkenness, but that was all there was to it. He went on to apologize to his wife, assuring her nothing happened between him and Ashley Wainwright.

Jessica Biel embraced the apology, as a later publication confirmed that the 38-year-old actress believed her husband did not cheat on her. The icon also promised to stand by him every step of the way.


Through their years together, Timberlake and Biel have strived to keep their marriage going by keeping love alive. As part of their efforts, the two endeavor to deviate from the normal everyday-routine now and then, adding a little spice. 

Shirking date-nights and having cozy sit-ins instead, enjoying every moment of parenthood, having shared passions, and above all, being each other’s inspiration has helped keep their love basking strong over a decade later.


When asked about how they managed to maintain a happy marriage through the years, Biel expressly gave the credits to “communication.” The actress shared:

“The ability to be really honest about how you’re feeling and what your needs are. Just be able to communicate really honestly with your partner.”

That nugget has admittedly worked for the Hollywood pair so far, making their union one of the most admirable relationships in Hollywood.