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‘Just Mercy’ Star, Michael B Jordan Only Recently Moved out of His Parent’s Place: Here Is Why

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Until recently, American actor Michael B. Jordan lived with his parents in their Sherman Oaks home. He made the headlines in early 2020 after moving out of the family house to explore a life of independence.

Michael B. Jordan, the “Just Mercy” star, fought to defend the innocent in the 2019 biographical legal drama. Starring as the Harvard Law graduate, Bryan Stevenson, the actor gave hope to the wrongfully convicted and worked tirelessly towards achieving their dreams of someday gaining freedom. However, Jordan’s role in the real world is not farther away.

At thirty-three and an African-American actor, the icon fights for something bigger, which, interestingly, does not require a law degree. Jordan, who once pointed out that it was every kid’s dream to give their parents a nice home, worked tirelessly to fulfill those dreams.

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What better way to do that than purchasing his parent’s dream home and availing them the chance to relish every moment with their beloved son?


The icon has spent most of his life under his parent’s roof, an arrangement he embraced of his volition. From his birth in Santa Ana, California, Michael B. Jordan lived with his parents, Donna and Michael Jordan.

After two years in California, the family of five moved to Newark, New Jersey, where Jordan grew up alongside his sister, Jamila, and brother, Khalid.

Following his career breakthrough, the “Black Panther” star purchased a four-bedroom Spanish-style mansion for his parents. The 4672 square foot property, which sold for $1.7 million is located in Sherman Oaks, California. After acquiring the home in 2015, the family moved into the mansion and enjoyed the benefits of living together for half a decade.

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Despite the stigma that comes with living with one’s parents as an adult, Jordan found the arrangement convenient. During an appearance on “Ellen DeGeneres Show” in 2018, the icon described the pecks of living with one’s parents as a bachelor.

What many would otherwise consider a turn-off and a tell-tale sign of immaturity or being irresponsible appealed to him differently. Jordan explained how enjoying home-cooked meals daily and the company of family was worth all the comfort.

Admittedly, the arrangement could be uncomfortable sometimes, especially during late-night run-ins with a relative not fully-clad. Yet, knowing he was fulfilling an item on his bucket list made the little sacrifices worthwhile. He noted:

“Look, it’s every kid’s dream to buy their mom and dad a house.”

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Having fulfilled those dreams and denying them the ordeal of living as empty-nesters in the last five years, Jordan knew he needed to move out at some point.


The right time eventually came. During another appearance on “Ellen DeGeneres’ Show” in January 2020, the star confirmed that the move finally happened. He recounted his parents’ reaction to new development and how they took the news better than he thought.

Going further, he told the show host that his new place was barely 20 minutes drive from his parent’s house, which he deemed close enough. 

The proximity meant continuous access to home-made food and family downtime, which was a win-win situation.

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