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Amanda Kloots Shares a Compilation of Late Husband, Nick Cordero’s Previous Works in an Emotional Post

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Four months after succumbing to his battle with the coronavirus infection, Nick Cordero’s wife pays him tributes with an emotional compilation of his works.

Broadway actor Nick Cordero died on July 5 from complications caused by the novel coronavirus infection. Before his death, the actor battled the condition for 95 days, with his wife, Amanda Kloots, documenting his journey.

Months later, Cordero’s widow is still dealing with his loss the best way she could, seeking solace on social media.

In a recent post on Instagram, the mother-of-one shared a video compilation of her late husband’s works, including previous NYC auditions.

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The compilation, dedicated solely to Elvis and Amber, ran through Cordero’s life as an actor. It showed the late star on the set during auditions for some of his most notable films. The emotional video opened with an outpour of love for Cordero’s wife and son. It read:

Here are some moments from Nick’s auditions here since 2018. It was always fun working with him. He’ll be missed. I send my love to both of you.”

Although Cordero’s death left many in dismay, no one felt it harder than his wife and their sixteen-month-old son, Elvis Eduardo Cordero.

Admittedly, having Elvis has remarkably helped in coping with the devastating loss. To the actress, the youngster served as a part of her late husband she felt grateful to have left in her life.

Physical symbolisms alone could not have propelled her through the difficult moments

Aside from her son, Kloots has found some form of consolation in her late husband’s ashes, which she picked up after his cremation. While she sprayed part of the ashes in the Pacific, the entertainment icon stored up the rest as a reminder of his presence.

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However, these physical symbolisms alone could not have propelled her through the difficult moments. During an interview in September, the 38-year-old addressed how she managed to live through Cordero’s death, saying:

“I’ve always felt comfort going to church. I don’t know how I would have gotten through without my faith and prayer.”

This is not the first time Amanda Kloots would post a heartfelt tribute to her late husband. The icon, who chronicled every moment of Cordero’s struggles with COVID-19, has since shared several posts to honor his memory.

Earlier this month, the mother of one paid another emotional tribute to Cordero to mark four months of his death. She shared a family picture of the trio, alongside a caption professing how much she missed the deceased actor.

Making the memory more symbolic, Kloots made a unique flower vase infused with her late husband’s ashes. The design also included hers and Elvis’ handprints ingrained in the clay prior to heat-drying.

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Dealing with Nick Cordero’s death in her own way has helped the actress remain positive in the face of the biggest trial of her life.

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