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Home Jokes Joke: A Man Got a Job to Paint the Road

Joke: A Man Got a Job to Paint the Road

Joke: A Man Got a Job to Paint the Road

A man tasked with doing the paint job on a road kept reducing his output each day. When investigated, the contractor discovered his seeming decline in productivity was, in fact, due to sheer ignorance.

A painter secured a major contract with a construction company to paint the white dividing lines on a freeway. His first day on the job went smoothly as he maximized his output. Completing about six kilometers before the end of his working hours, the painter managed to impress his employers.

Image: Unsplash

The next day, the man experienced a slight decline in his productivity, finishing only half the distance of the previous day. On his third day, the man covered only one kilometer. At this point, the contractor knew something was wrong and became worried his project may go south.

Curious, he approached the painter on his fourth day at work to ask why he painted a lesser distance each day. To that, the frustrated man replied:

“I just can’t do any better. Each day I keep painting farther away from the paint can!”

I keep painting further away from the paint can | Image: Unsplash
Image: Unsplash

A million thoughts went through the contractor’s head, but of course, he was too stunned to utter a word.

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Once, a woman suffering from severe pain went to her doctor to help with her diagnosis and treatment.

This young woman visited the hospital on a bright summer morning with complaints of severe pain all over her body. Upon seeing the doctor, she explained her ordeal to him. 

The doctor asked the woman to identify the parts of her body where she was experiencing the disconcerting pain. The woman replied that every part of her body hurt, pleading with the doctor to help her out of her misfortune. The bewildered doctor again asked:

“What do you mean every part? You have to be a little more specific.”

You have to be a little bit more specific | Image: Unsplash
Image: Unsplash

At this, the woman pointed out specific parts of her body with her index finger, beginning with her left knee. 

Ow, That hurts!” she yelled.

She did the same for her right cheek, yelling again as soon as her index finger made contact with her cheek. He attested her right cheek also hurt. Finally, the patient touched her right earlobe with the same finger, screaming once again:

“Ow! Even that hurts.”

Looking at the woman closely, the doctor offered his diagnosis, saying:

“You have a broken finger!”

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