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John Travolta Lost His Wife to Cancer: Inside Their Beautiful Love Story Cut Short by Death

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John Travolta suffered the loss of his wife in 2020. Yet, their tragic story remains an inspiring tale of love, determination, and devotion.

In October 2022, actor John Travolta took to social media to pay tribute to his late wife, Kelly Preston, on her would-have-been 60th birthday. Sharing a throwback photo of them locked in a loving embrace, the star wished her a happy birthday, referring to the late actress and model as his favorite dance partner.

Two years prior, Travolta and his family were forced to bear the loss of the beloved family matriarch after a secret two-year battle with breast cancer. Her demise left the star devastated. Over four decades before the tragedy, John Travolta endured a similar fate, having lost his first love and then-girlfriend, Diana Hyland, to the same ailment.

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John Travilta and his late wife Kelly Preston | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

While his love life seems like one sleek waltz with tragedy, the 68-year-old certainly enjoyed some good moments. Most of these good memories he made during his relationship with his wife of 29 years and the mother of his kids, Kelly Preston.

Who Was John Travolta’s Wife, Kelly Preston, And How Did She Die?

Kelly Preston, born October 13, 1962, was the wife of iconic actor and producer John Travolta. Much like her husband, Preston sustained a career in the entertainment industry, beginning as a model at sixteen.

After a successful modeling stint as a teenager, the star decided to pursue an acting career. Her years of hard work and determination paid off when she starred alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito in 1988 “Twins,” signifying her big break.

Kelly Preston has since starred in numerous iconic movies and TV shows, including “Jerry Maguire,” “Sky High,” “Old Dogs,” and “What A Girl Wants,” among others.

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Her acting career led her to the arms of John Travolta, who became her husband for the next three decades. Sadly, their love story met an untimely end after Preston lost her battle with breast cancer on July 12, 2020, at 57.

John Travilta and his late wife Kelly Preston | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

How John Travolta Met His Wife

John Travolta and his late wife Kelly Preston met for the first time in 1987 while working on the set of their movie, “The Experts,” released in 1989. Their paths crossed during a screen test for the film.

At the time, the actress was married to actor Kevin Gage. Yet, she developed an instantaneous connection with the actor. The “Sky High” star once recalled their first meeting, saying:

“I see, no lie, coming across the hall with his two dogs, this really hot guy. Then he stops and says hello. And I was like, ‘Oh shit. Kill me now.’ You know, like, ‘Oh my God!’”

Travolta also had a similar first impression, once admitting he thought her gorgeous when they first crossed paths and developed instant chemistry. Yet, neither of them acted on their feelings until years later.

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On her path, Preston divorced her ex-husband Gage the same year she met Travolta. She went on to date George Clooney and briefly became engaged to Charlie Sheen before eventually reconnecting with her “The Experts” co-star in 1990.

Their Engagement And Marriage

After months of dating, John Travolta proposed to Preston on New year’s eve of 1990. He popped the big question at the Palace Hotel restaurant in Gstaad, Switzerland, where they rang in the new year.

The news of their upcoming nuptials spread like wildfire thanks to their TV fame. Due to the buzz surrounding their wedding, the twosome decided to elope to Paris, France, and have a more private vow exchange in September 1991. That same month, the two held a second wedding in Florida.

John Travilta and his late wife Kelly Preston | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

Expanding Their Family

In April 1992, barely a year after their nuptials, John Travolta and Kelly Preston welcomed their first child, son Jett. Eight years later, their daughter Ella Bleu Travolta (born in April 2000) joined the family.

Sadly, tragedy struck the family in January 2009 when they lost their son Jett at sixteen. The teenager, who was autistic, passed away after suffering from a seizure during a family vacation in the Bahamas.

In November 2010, the family found a new reason to smile with the birth of their second son, Benjamin Travolta.

28 Years Strong

Kelly Preston and John Travolta celebrated their 28th wedding anniversary in September 2019 with loved-up posts about each other.

Taking to Instagram, the actor wished a happy anniversary to his “wonderful wife,” accompanying the sweet tribute with a photo of them together. He sang odes to her again months later in a beautiful mother’s Day tribute in May 2020.

Preston reciprocated the sweet gesture in June 2020, wishing her husband a happy Father’s Day, reiterating her love for him after almost three decades together while referring to him as the best one she knew.

John Travilta and his late wife Kelly Preston | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

Little did the world know these beautiful words passed between John Travolta and his wife would be the last shared between them.

Preston passed away barely a month after her beautiful Father’s day tribute, leaving behind her husband and two children, Ella and Benjamin. She was 57.

The Secret To Their Beautiful Marriage

Although short-lived, John Travolta and his wife have one of the most beautiful and long-lasting love stories. The producer once opened up about how they sustained their marriage for so long while keeping the love alive, saying:

“We’re so busy with the kids and our career and being proactive in our church that, you know, every day is date night. It’s a very busy life we have.”

For Preston, keeping their love afloat entailed more than just regular date nights. She once explained how honesty, communication, and openness played an essential role in sustaining their relationship.

Above all, picking the right person from the onset did the trick, making it almost effortless to keep their relationship fun.

While it lasted, John Travolta certainly had a good run in his marriage to Preston and a fulfilling dance of love. Little wonder the actor, who famously danced with the late Princess Diana in the white house, still considers his wife his favorite dance partner.

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