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The Story Behind the History-Making Dance John Travolta Shared With Princess Diana

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Hollywood star John Travolta has had many eureka moments and unforgettable milestones in his career. However, the star has confirmed that his over three-decade-old dance with Princess Diana remains one of the highlights of his career.

John Travolta once experienced a fairy tale moment, and he had the most worthy partner. The star has shared that the memories of his “storybook moment” with Diana, Princess Of Wales, take credence in his heart.

Travolta remembered the night as a star-studded night with him on the sidelines. However, before the end of that day, he became the star of the moment with one of the most famous women in the world.

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White House, 1985.

Travolta shared in his interview on PBS’ “Diana: In Their Own Words” that he had been invited to the White House. it was a dinner organized to honor the visit of Princess Diana and her then-husband, Prince Charles.

It had been the first time Princess Diana and Prince Charles visited the United States as a couple. It was also four years after their royal wedding and the birth of their second son, Prince Harry.

According to a royal historian, Kate Williams, the Princess of Wales was gradually shedding her status as a new royal. She also stamped her place as a global figure.

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Travolta shared that he had walked into the event, grateful to have been honored with an invite. The two-time Oscars nominee referred to himself as “an extra.”

Travolta Gets a Request

While he was yet settling into the big event of the night, Travolta was approached by the then-First Lady, Nancy Reagan. Reagan explained to him that Princess Diana fantasized about dancing with him.

This had jolted him, but Reagan continued talking to him. She mentioned that once it was time for the dance, she would take him to meet Diana. The dance was allotted for midnight.

The History-Making Dance

Just as midnight struck, Travolta got the go-ahead to approach the global humanitarian. Travolta recalled her regal image  in a black dress with an off-shoulder neckline. The star noted that he had lightly tapped her on the shoulder.

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And when the famed princess swished around to look at him, she had “that kind of bashful dip [of her chin] that she did, and she looked up at me…”

Diana obliged, and according to Travolta, when they got to the middle of the ballroom, the area cleared for them. Travolta recalled how he had felt the pressure to be confident, but Diana was a lovely dancer. The perfect dance lasted 15 minutes, but the memories stayed way longer.

The Princess of Wales was also said to have danced with other stars like Clint Eastwood, Neil Diamond, Tom Selleck, and President Ronald Reagan. However, she did not dance with Charles that night.

Travolta described that night as magical, seeing as he never envisioned twirling on the dancefloor with Diana. He added that he had been smart enough to retain the memory perfectly.

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