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JLo and Ben Affleck Became a Sensation After Reigniting Old Flames: Inside Their Love Story

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JLo and star actor Ben Affleck became hot topics for news headlines in the past few months; however, it is worthy of note that their love story goes as far back as the early aughts.

Bennifer is back in town, and their fans are here for it all! The celebrity duo of Jennifer “JLo” Lopez and Ben Affleck has been basking in the reignited glow of the old flame.

Just like they have become the subject of news headlines with their renewed love, JLo and Affleck’s love story was fodder for tabloids in the early 2000s. Here’s a look through the details of their old-time romance.

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Bennifer is Born

The start of their somewhat whirlwind romance in 2002 was when they first met on the set “Gigli.” Affleck and JLo were colleagues on set, getting to know each other.

At the time, the award-winning singer was married to dancer Chris Judd. However, in no time, she jas Affleck started raising curious stares from the public. Within a few months, JLo called it quits with Judd.

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Her romance with Affleck soon blossomed into a highly publicized relationship straight out of a rom-com. However, Affleck and JLo did not mind, as they even basked in the attention.

The couple’s relationship caused more uproar in 2002 when JLo released the video for her song, “Jenny From The Block.” At the time, she featured Affleck, and the highlight was the kiss he placed on her derriere.

Trouble in Paradise

Still very much in love and ready to take it a notch higher, Affleck proposed to his lady love at his mom’s home in Boston. The star had presented an engagement ring with a giant pink diamond.

JLo once described how the proposal went, noting that she had gotten to Affleck’s mom’s home and was greeted by candles and a lot of flowers. Her song “I’m Glad” played in the background.

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All came crashing down a few months after their engagement. Just as JLo and Affleck’s relationship built up quickly, it also fizzled out. There were rumors of him cheating, and at first, they kept up a united front.

There was also the issue of too much public scrutiny. The couple whose wedding was fast approaching could not decide how to go about it without attracting the paparazzi.

They eventually broke off their engagement and broke up in 2004. By June of the same year, JLo got hitched to music star Marc Anthony.

Bennifer 2.0 Launches

Seventeen years, career milestones, and many kids later, JLo and Affleck make headlines again. This came after the end of her two-year engagement with Alex Rodriguez.

Affleck’s relationship with Ana de Armas also ended around the same period. He and JLo got fans talking again, although they initially claimed to be friends.

However, JLo and her old flame were spotted on several occasions at each other’s Miami and California homes. The famous duo also enjoyed getaways in each other’s companies.

A JLo source has shared that the two are “madly in love” and that the “Hustle” actress has found someone who “truly loves her for her.” The source added that JLo feels like they have both been given “a second chance.

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