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The Cast of Medical Comedy-Drama ‘Scrubs:’ Then Vs. Now

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TV medical drama “Scrubs” aired for eight seasons, and after it ended, many of the stars went up the acting echelon with both big and small screen roles. Some also built and continued lifelong friendships.

2005’s “Scrubs” was set in the serious-looking environment of the fictional Sacred Heart Hospital. However, the daily life of the fictional doctors bordered on comedy with a sprinkle of drama.

The plot set revolving around a medical intern, JD (Zach Braff), also featured other stars like Sarah Chalke, Judy Reyes, Donald Faison, and John C McGinley. “Scrubs” ended in 2010, and the stars have gone on to appear in more film projects. Here’s what they’ve all been up to.

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Zach Braff

When Zach Braff became a part of the show, it was his first major role, and he had been working as a waiter at the time. After landing the JD role, Braff quit his job and went on to write the draft for “Garden State.”

He was able to write “Garden State” because the filming for “Scrubs” had a four-month hiatus. As a star on the Medical comedy, Braff received an Emmy nomination and some Golden Globes nominations.

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After the show’s final season, the star actor continued with his multiple Hollywood skills, which included acting, directing, and scriptwriting. Since then, he has appeared on film projects like “Alex Inc.,” “The Comeback Trail,” and “The Disaster Artist.”

He and Faison have remained close-knit over the years and have gone ahead to launch a “Scrubs”-inspired podcast about “Fake Doctors, Real Friends. “During the pandemic lockdown, Braff let fans know that he was busy writing.

Donald Faison

Faison played Chris Turk on the series, and he was JD’s best friend and former roommate. Faison and Braff carried on with their friendship after “Scrubs” ended. He also did other movie projects.

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His movie credits include “Kick-Ass 2,” “Wish I Was Here,” and “Pitch Perfect.” Faison tied the knot a second time with CaCee Cobb, and the ceremony was held at Braff’s home. He is a dad to two children and has taken a voicing role in “Adventure Time.”

John C. McGinley

McGinley, whose Hollywood resume already verified him as an A-lister, played the no-nonsense but goofy role of Dr. Perry Cox. He constantly hounded JD with his tough-talking style.

His acting credit after scrubs include “42,” “Battle of Sexes,” “Burn Notice,” “Stan Against Evil,” and “Chicago P.D.” McGinley is a notable member of the Malibu Mob.

Sarah Chalke

Clarke starred as Dr. Elliot Reid, and she appeared in every episode of each season. After “Scrubs,” she played a doctor again in “How I Met Your Mother.” She landed more roles in shows like “Mad Love” and “Friends From College.”

Chalke found herself in the medical drama genre once again in 2013 when she starred in “Grey’s Anatomy.” This time, the TV actress played the role of a concerned mother, Casey Hedges. She has also voiced in animations like “Rick and Morty.”

Judy Reyes

Reyes played Dr. Carla Espinosa, and after the show ended, she appeared as Zoila Diaz on “Devious Maids.” The Hollywood star has been in other TV shows like “The Good Wife,” “iZombie,” and “Jane The Virgin.”

Neil Flynn

Flynn played the memorable janitor on Scrubs, but in his later career, he was known as Michael Heck on ABC-produced “The Middle.” Flynn has also taken roles as a voice actor.

Stars with Smaller Roles on “Scrubs.”

Some Hollywood stars whose roles could have been quickly forgotten due to their appearance in a few episodes or scenes include Ryan Reynold.

The then-younger Reynold played JD and Turk’s friend from college. These days the actor is an A-lister known for movies like “The Hitman’s Bodyguard” and “Deadpool.” Other stars include Mandy Moore, Tara Reid, Michael J. Fox, and Dick Van Dyke.

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