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Jenny Mollen Reveals She Didn’t Watch “American Pie” Before Marrying Her Husband

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Jason Biggs should count the lucky stars that his wife, Jenny Mollen, didn’t see “American Pie” until they tied the knot. Mollen revealed during an interview with the New York Post that she only saw the teen comedy after becoming Biggs’ wife in 2008. But why has she not watched the teen comedy since? She avoided the film because she thought it wasn’t quite her style. Talking about her experience, she admitted that she found the movie shocking and funny. 

Jenny Mollen and her husband Jenny Mollen and her husband Jason Biggs
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She described herself as initially too “highbrow” to consider watching it. When she finally did, it was during their first year of marriage, sharing the moment with her husband. In hindsight, Mollen joked that it’s a good thing she delayed watching “American Pie,” hinting that her reaction might have been different had she seen it before marrying Biggs. 

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Jason Biggs Reacts to His Wife Watching “American Pie” After Marriage

Thankfully, the couple’s marriage remained strong as ever even after the viewing, and Biggs found it charming that his wife hadn’t seen his most famous movie when they first met, calling it the “icing on the cake.”

A Picture of Biggs and Mollen
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In addition to discussing “American Pie,” Biggs and Mollen spoke about their spontaneous elopement. Frustrated by their families’ interference with wedding planning, they opted for a quick ceremony at a FedEx Kinko’s in Calabasas. Currently, the couple is promoting their new show, “Dinner & a Movie,” in which they cook meals inspired by the films they watch. With “American Pie” as a potential feature, fans are eager to see the creative dishes they whip up to complement the classic comedy.

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Jason Biggs and Jenny Mollen’s Journey Together

This article isn’t complete without including Biggs and Mollen’s love timeline. The couple met on the set of “My Best Friend’s Girl” in 2007. Biggs played the lead character’s step-cousin, Dustin, while Mollen was cast as Colleen, the “new girl.” They quickly fell for each other, with Biggs declaring his love for the first time in a 2007 interview. Six months later, Biggs popped the big question, and like they say, the rest is history. The couple eloped in a private ceremony in Los Angeles on April 23, 2008.

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Over the years, they have been honest about the challenges they’ve faced in their relationship. Mollen once revealed that she had a miscarriage shortly after their engagement. Additionally, five years into their marriage, Biggs confronted his alcohol issues and drug use. In October 2018, Biggs celebrated his first year of sobriety. According to Mollen, there was a turning point when she was filming “Hawaii Five-O,” and Biggs was working on “Orange Is the New Black” in New York.

He called her, admitting he believed he had a problem with alcohol. Initially, Mollen was shocked, knowing her husband’s tendency to consume things excessively, whether it was pain pills or ice cream. Despite this, she appreciated his indulgent nature, a trait she found endearing.

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Jason Biggs and Jenny Mollen’s Journey Through Parenthood and Career

Don’t get it wrong; the power couple have cherished their happiest moments. In 2014, they welcomed their first son, Sid. Although Mollen had not initially imagined herself as a mother, she wrote in an essay for Cosmopolitan that meeting Sid changed her perspective entirely: “I wasn’t ready for kids. I was just ready for him.”

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A Picture of Biggs and Mollen
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Three years later, their family grew with the birth of their second son, Lazlo. Throughout their journey as parents, the couple continued to achieve professional milestones. Mollen appeared in popular TV shows like “Chicago Fire,” “Wilfred,” and “Girls,” and starred in “Amateur Night” alongside Biggs. 

She also became a New York Times bestselling author with her 2014 book, “I Like You Just the Way I Am.” Conversely, Biggs took on roles in “Orange Is the New Black” and “Outmatched.” He currently hosts the Fox competition series “Cherries Wild.” When asked about the secret to their enduring marriage, the couple emphasizes the importance of therapy. According to Mollen in a 2016 interview, having a therapist can help articulate thoughts more effectively.

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