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Chrisean Rock’s Viral Response to Son’s Health Speculation Shuts Down Social Media

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The internet seems to have gone wild after Chrisean Rock shared some updates about her new life changes on Instagram Live. On April 29, a video of Rock eating in a restaurant with her baby made it to the internet. In the video, Rock told her fans that she stopped smoking and drinking.

Chrisean Rock and Chrisean Jr
Source: chriseanrock/Instagram

She says she’s focused on working out more. This new revelation didn’t sit well with viewers, as some think it’s too late for her to quit smoking. Fans also criticized her, saying she didn’t do so while pregnant. The popular speculation is that Chrisean Jr is blind and has fetal alcohol syndrome. Is this true, or is the internet just being the internet?

Chrisean Rock Responds To Heavy Speculations On Her Son’s Health

The “Vibe” singer seems to have heard people’s comments regarding her son’s health, so she set the record straight. Sitting in a vehicle, Rock said, “My son is blessed. He’s going to be talking, walking, playing football, everything.”

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Chrisean Jr
Source: chriseanrock/Instagram

She continued, “Y’all don’t know nothing about God. Y’all don’t know nothing about nothing.” She added, “My baby’s blessed from his head to his toes.” Rock isn’t going with what the public says, and she’s adamant about that.

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Rumors Of Chrisean Jr. Suffering From Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

Chrisean Rock’s recent explanation of her baby’s health isn’t the first she’s given since her baby was born. Last year, she had to explain to viewers that her son isn’t suffering from Fetal alcohol syndrome.

Chrisean Malone Jr was born on September 4, 2023. Rock made this announcement on her Instagram page. Weeks after his birth, she shared pictures of her baby on social media. These pictures had people spreading rumors that her baby was suffering from fetal alcohol syndrome.

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Chrisean Rock
Source: Pinterest

Some are convinced the rumors are true because her baby’s father accused her of constantly drinking and smoking all through the pregnancy. Other viewers have a different trend of thought.

They believe the boy has FAS because of a picture they saw. One X user, Nyla Lauren, took her time on X to explain why she believes so. She tweeted, “He has literally every physical characteristic, including the folds in the corner of his eyes, small eyes, drop nose, open mouth, extra large low-set ears, etc.”

She also posted a video of Chrisean Jr. crying. Some of her followers said Chrisean Jr. sounds like he has cri-du-chat syndrome. However, she believes it’s because of alcohol withdrawal.

After she was done, she added, “My goal is only to raise awareness in hopes Chrisean Rock will see it and get the baby tested. Fans agreed with her explanation. However, few warned the user against making such bold claims.

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Rock’s Clap Back On Rumors Of Chrisean Jr. Suffering From FAS

Chrisean Rock isn’t letting anyone slander her baby. In a video, she responded to viewers’ speculations on her son suffering from FAS. She said, “My baby is healthy.” “They would have told me if he had symptoms.

Chrisean Rock
Source: Pinterest

Just ’cause that picture wasn’t that cute doesn’t mean you can post my baby on the internet,” she added.

Did Chrisean Jr. Have A Surgery?

Last year, a picture of the baby’s genitals showing he had a hernia was posted on Blueface’s X account. The rapper captioned, “This what my son d**k look like, and she worried about me and lil baby c*ck like bih get our son c*ck right then do what you want.”

The post received a lot of hate from viewers, but Blueface had his mom defend him. Apparently, Chrisean Rock never wanted the public to know about her child’s condition. But after her baby’s father made the announcement on X, she had to be vulnerable.

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Source: Pinterest

On September 30, 2023, Rock announced on her IG Live that she’d take her baby boy to get hernia surgery. The surgery was completed in October, and she posted a video on IG of her son smiling with the caption that her baby is recovering so fast.

Who Is Chrisean Malone’s Real Dad?

Chrisean Rock claims her baby’s father is Jonathan Porter, popularly known as Blueface. However, the American rapper doesn’t seem to agree with that. He claimed to have taken a DNA test, and the result showed he wasn’t Malone’s real dad.

Blueface and Chrisean Rock
Source: Pinterest

But despite his announcement, his father got to see Chrisean Rock. From one of the videos he posted on his Instagram, he was definitely happy to see his grandson.

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