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Jane Seymour Defies Aging With Stunning Bikini Body Looks

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There’s very little Jane Seymour loves more than showing off her bikini body. At her age, she is the envy of most actresses.

Ever since English Actress Jane Seymour starred as a “Bond girl” in the movie famous Bond movie “Solitaire” in 1978, she has remained a top draw in the movie industry. Besides her exceptional acting talents, Seymour was also quite famous for her looks. With that combined formula, Seymour stayed at the top of the Hollywood ladder for years.

Jane Seymour Bikini
Image: Pinterest

Another thing the actress enjoys is fitness, and she doesn’t shy away from showing off her sexy figure. Seymour loves posing in bathing suits, and her swimsuit pictures are very special to her fans. The actress credits her Mediterranean diet and intermittent fasting as the recipes for her gorgeous look. In an interview with People, Seymour stated:

“I felt that there are a lot of people I know who just give up. They have the babies, and they say, ‘OK, I’m done caring about how I look and staying in shape. And then I think they think that people like me go to exotic spas and do all kinds of special treatments, and I don’t do any of that. So I think I wanted to show people what would happen if you just did a very simple regimen like I do.”

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So in 2014, when the actress starred on the cover of Closer Magazine donning a pink bikini, it wasn’t surprising to people who’ve followed her journey. At 62, Seymour looked fantastic on the magazine cover, and for days after, she remained a topic of discussion. 

Seymour Stuns in Another Swimsuit Picture

Jane Seymour Bikini
Image: Instagram

However, going a bit low-key in Hollywood, Seymour gave fans another thing to talk about when she posed wearing a swimsuit in January. The actress took to her Instagram page to share the picture where she stunned in a sexy pink one-piece swimsuit. She then completed the look with a big trendy black pair of sunglasses.

Seymour’s bikini body looked so fit for someone aged 70, and fans quickly filled her comment section with endearing words. During an interview with People before her 70th birthday, Seymour touched on being labeled a sex symbol in Hollywood. She said

“I don’t quite understand what a sex symbol means, but am I still a full-blooded woman? Definitely! and 69, to me, just appears to be a number. I’m feeling incredibly healthy and well.”

The actress also touched on being able to play 70 and 80-year-olds in movies and the fun she was having representing her age group. However, she also doesn’t mind playing younger characters as well. 

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Seymour’s Terrific Look in a Blue Bikini Swimsuit

Jane Seymour Bikini
Image: Pinterest

Seymour really loves to flaunt her age-defying beautiful body, especially in bikini swimsuits. Most of her bikini looks symbolize agility and vibrance, like a youth’s, and she’s always happy to embrace it. In June, just months after her pink swimsuit look went viral, Seymour shared another sizzling picture on her Instagram.

This time around, the beautiful actress rocked a classy blue swimsuit ensemble. The butterfly-patterned swimsuit has a mix of neon colors, with blue being the background. The image shows that the top is mono strap-sleeved without a clear vision of the bottom.  She captioned the post: 

“Feeling the fuchsia vibes today! Sometimes you’ve just got to throw on some color! What do you think?”  

The actress also noted how the weather was warming up with summer around the corner. She then asked her followers what their plan was for the month. As expected, her fans didn’t hesitate to applaud her,  proclaiming their love for her eccentric fashion and energy. 

Where is Jane Seymour Now?

Although Seymour has impressive filmography, the “Live or Let Die” actress has no plan to stop soon. Since she returned to the industry after her short break in the 1970s, Jane Seymour has kept gracing the screens with her outstanding performance on several TV sitcoms, series, and shows.

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Currently, the 71-year-old actress is on a detective-drama series, ‘Harry Wild,’ playing Dr. Harriet Wild- a retired English professor. Speaking about her excitement about starring in the series, Seymour said: 

“I don’t think I’ve been as excited by anything since Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman!”

In the series, the actress’s detective son (Kevin Ryan) uses her literary knowledge to solve his murder cases. The comedic action series also features some strange and scary characters, which is why the series has a dedicated following. 

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