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Jamie Foxx’s Daughter Corinne Bishop Is all Grown-Up: Meet the Former Miss Golden Globe

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Jamie Foxx is a father of two children, including daughter Corrinne Foxx, who has achieved some impressive feats despite growing up away from the spotlight.

It’s been almost a decade since actor Jamie Foxx first introduced his then-teenage daughter to the world at the 2013 MTV Movie Awards.

The youngster, Corinne Foxx, then-nineteen radiated confidence and vision underneath her shy demeanor as her dad put her in the spotlight while accepting the MTV popcorn trophy.

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Her name soon became a staple on social media platforms and many scrambled to unveil more about the ravishing beauty born to Jamie Foxx, a known bachelor.

Corinne wasn’t so keen on the resulting popularity, admitting in an interview years later that she almost changed her last name to avoid becoming too associated with her dad’s fame.

Thankfully, she never went through with the name altercation. However, she remained strong-willed in her effort to break away from her dad’s “coattails.”

Hence, rather than have her career in entertainment handed down to her, the starlet went through college to obtain her bachelor of arts degree in public relations. She has since put that education to good use, establishing herself in the entertainment field, albeit behind the cameras.

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These days, Corrine has come to accept her dad’s fame and her connection to him, taking great pride in her name. Yet, the world can’t help but wonder who exactly Corinne Foxx is besides Jamie Foxx’s daughter.

Who Is Corinne Foxx?

Corinne Foxx is the oldest daughter of Hollywood Legend Jamie Foxx. Born Corinne Marie Bishop in February 1994, she has since adopted Corinne Foxx as her professional moniker.

A model and upcoming actress, she stands at 5’7” and resides in Los Angeles, California. Corinne is one of two daughters born to Jamie and has a sister called Annalise Bishop. Her mom is the “Django Unchained” star’s ex-girlfriend Connie Klin.

Corinne Foxx Isn’t Alien To The Limelight

Long before her dad embarrassed her with his 2013 introduction, Corinne already made her showbiz debut. At six, she made a cameo appearance in her dad’s TV show, “The Jamie Foxx Show.”

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Later on, she appeared in the comedy-drama series, “Sweet/Vicious,” and occasionally appeared on red carpets and award shows alongside her dad. Finally, in 2016, the then 22-year-old Corinne was crowned Miss Golden Globe, further shooting her into the spotlight.

Additionally, the 28-year-old landed the chance to serve as DJ for the second season of “Beat Shazam,” in 2018.

Jamie Foxx’s Daughter Corinne Foxx Has Multiple Talents

Like her dad, Corinne Foxx is a field of talents, from cheerleading in high school, to modeling in her adulthood. In fact, the starlet’s modeling career has seen her grace the ramp of various magazines and fashion labels.

She has walked at the New York Fashion Week two times, for top brands. Outside modeling, Corinne has strived to live up to her dad’s acting footsteps.

To further groom her skills, she has attended several acting schools and worked alongside her dad on some remarkable projects. One such project is the Netflix series, “Dad Stop Embarrassing Me!” inspired by her real-life experiences growing up with her dad.

Corinne Foxx also inherited her dad’s singing talents. She once showed off her vocal prowess in a TikTok video, crooning the lyrics of Alicia Keys’ “New York State Of Mind,” alongside her dad.

Her angelic vocals stunned the actor so much that he went off character immediately and began recording his daughter as she belted out the lyrics.

Corrine Foxx Aims For Greatness

Thanks to her multiple talents, Jamie Foxx’s daughter Corinne Foxx has accomplished so much at her young age. In 2020, the icon won the Creative Arts Emmy for her role in “Live In Front of a Studio Audience” reboot of “Good Times.”

The achievement mirrored her dad’s win, as the “Ray” actor also won an Emmy for the “Live In Front Of A Studio Audience” reboot of “The Jeffersons.”

Both father and daughter took to Instagram to celebrate their wins. Jamie could not be prouder of his daughter, whom he has supported every step of the way. In fact, the model regards her dad as her biggest fan, something the actor never disputes.

Jamie Foxx with his two kids | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

She Once Struggled With Anxiety

At first glance, Corinne seems to have it easy given her famous background and wealthy family. But there are also downsides to living in the glitz and glam of Hollywood.

In a 2021 interview, the budding actress detailed her battle with anxiety. She recalled how having a famous dad made her feel people were always watching her and expecting her to live up to certain standards.

The pressure to live up to expectations caused her to spiral into the opposite realm. She explained:

“I became very focused on perfection and always being in this cookie-cutter type of way. And that put a lot of pressure and anxiety on  me to uphold this standard of never messing up.”

The pressure in turn affected Corinne’s mental health, forcing her to undergo therapy since she was fourteen. Thankfully, she had her dad by her side throughout her struggles and grew to have a strong bond with him that has served as her strength.

Jamie Foxx Unveils Biggest Parenting Mistake With His Daughter

Despite being a great dad and having a great relationship with his daughter, Jamie Foxx admits he fumbled as a parent earlier in the journey. According to him, during his daughter’s childhood, he always felt “Disneyland ” could fix everything.

Hence, rather than avail himself of her childhood activities, he opted to compensate for his absence by taking her to Disneyland. He now regrets those years. While appearing on “Ellen DeGeneres Show,” the actor revealed his biggest parenting mistake was not spending enough time with his daughter as a kid.

With time, Corinne taught him to see the other side of things. That lesson has helped Foxx face several challenges in his life head-on, rather than walk away from them in defeat.

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