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Is There Any Truth to Richard Gere “Gerbil” Long-Standing Rumor?

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Richard Gere’s gerbil rumor is one of the most enduring myths of all time. But is there any truth to it? Let’s find out

Stories, Myths, and Legends are some of the features that make Hollywood as great as it is. An addiction for those who’ve made it home and an eternal dream for those still vying for its favor. 

In this article, we’ll be revisiting a rumor that, over the years, has become a myth that is talked about to this day. Celebrity rumors are unending; however, it’s always rare to see one that has lasted for decades. 

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Richard Gere’s ‘Gerbil’ Rumor

At the center of this story is the famous actor Richard Gere who found himself the main subject of an incredulous rumor. During the early 90s, Gere had become quite popular due to several successful movies, including “Pretty Woman.”

Richard Gere Gerbil
Image: Pinterest

Back then, the actor was romantically involved with model Cindy Crawford and was living his best life. However, around that time, Gere was surprisingly admitted to Cedars-Sinai Hospital in California for an emergency procedure. 

According to the rumors that later floated around, doctors were trying to remove an object that got stuck in the actor’s rectum. As some people told it, the object was a gerbil animal that was seemingly inserted with erotic intent. 

Allegedly, the poor animal was placed inside a condom and subsequently inserted by a cardboard tube. Its death spasms would then provide the recipient jolts of prostate tickling. This act is tagged “gerbiling.”

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Although the story sounded incredulous and far-fetched, Hollywood is not synonymous with normality, so it was easier for people to believe the story than discredit it. 

For many years this particular rumor remained, and even to this day. However, was this allegation true? Let’s find out.

Is Gerbiling Real?

To get to the bottom of this story, one must confirm if the sexual act of “gerbiling” is real. A quick Wikipedia search defined the act as a rumored sexual practice. Also, in 2013, sex-advice columnist Dan Savage noted that he’d never heard of any form of the sexual act in real life. National Enquirer columnist Mike Walker also once declared he’d never heard of a story like that. 

Richard Gere gerbil
Image: Pinterest

Judging by how the gerbiling act has only ever been mentioned in connection to Gere, one wonders if there’s any truth to it. However, the only reasonable conclusion we can make is that this gerbiling act was always a rumor.  It has probably never happened before, and it didn’t happen to Gere. 

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Gere Addresses The Gerbil Myth 

During an interview with Metro, Gere explained that since the beginning of his career, he’s had to deal with many rumors. That actor noted that there were many crazy things about him appearing in the tabloids. 

However, Gere disclosed that he no longer reads the press since all they do is write strange things about him. The actor also touched on the gerbiling rumors saying

“There is an infamous ‘Gere stuck a hamster up his bum’ urban myth. I expect that sort of thing but when reputable magazines started making up stories claiming I was in a country I had never been to with someone I didn’t even know, I just decided not to pay attention to any of it. It’s a waste of energy.”

With all parties debunking this outrageous rumor, one wonders how it has lasted this long. Also, who came up with this rumor in the first place? Well, most of the fingers pointed in one direction, Sylvester Stallone. 

Did Sylvester Stallone Start The “Gerbil” Rumors

It might not be a big feud to make rap songs about, but Gere and Stallone do not get along. Of course, the two actors weren’t always like that; however, their beef started when they were both casts in “The Lord of Flatbush.” 

The pair reportedly fit into an argument that led to Gere’s dismissal from the movie. Since then, the pair’s relationship has deteriorated, which is why some people believe Stallone is responsible for the rumor. 

In 2006, Stallone spoke about his relationship with Gere, stating he thinks the actor still harbors a grudge against him. However, he denied being the person who started the gerbil rumor. 

There is no concrete evidence of how Richard Gere’s gerbil rumor started or why it did. However, it has followed the actor for years and will end as one of the unsolvable Hollywood myths.

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