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Does Liam Neeson Have a New Wife? A Look Inside the Actor’s Romantic Life

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Fans are wondering if Liam Neeson has a new wife after the actor mentioned falling in love on TV. Let’s find out

For a couple of months in 2020, Liam Neeson was in Melbourne, Australia, filming the action movie “Blacknight.” Since losing his wife Natasha Richardson in 2009 due to a skiing accident, the actor has focused his time on raising his sons and his career. 

However, while appearing on Australian TV in February 2022, the “Taken” actor raised some eyebrows when he alluded to having fallen in love with a mystery woman during his time in the country. 

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Liam Neeson and wife Natasha
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Speaking to “Sunrise” hosts David “Kochie” Koch and Natalie Barr, Neeson commended the city of Melbourne. The Irish star also confessed his love for Australia and the crew who worked with him during filming. 

Neeson praised the Australian crew for their hard work and a great sense of humor. However, in his following statement, the actor dropped the tongue-in-cheek comment. He said

“I made a couple of pals… I fell in love, but she was taken.”

The love remarks intrigued the hosts, and they pressed for more information. They subsequently encouraged viewers to help in unmasking Neeson’s newfound lover. 

Since his wife’s death, it was the first time Neeson would speak of any romantic partner, which made his remarks all the more intriguing. 

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Does Liam Neeson Have a New Wife? 

Although the actor sneaked in the idea of a found lover during his interview, he is not in a new relationship. According to his statement, the lady in question is taken, which probably hindered any type of romance that would have occurred. 

Neeson remained unmarried since his last one with Natasha Richardson ended in 2009 when the actress died after a Skiing accident. She was diagnosed with an epidural hematoma, and there was no chance of recovery. 

Neeson and Richardson’s Relationship

Neeson was 40 years old when he met Richardson in 1993. The pair starred together in “Anna Christie” on Broadway. The show became a huge success mainly due to its chemistry and was widely praised by fans and critics.  However, Neeson and Richardson’s connection was more profound than being co-stars. The duo developed romantic feelings for one another during their stint on the show.

Liam Neeson new wife
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Although Richardson was married then, she left her relationship and quickly married Neeson in 1994. A couple of months later, they became parents to their first child, son Micheál. The pair then welcomed another son Daniel shortly after. 

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The duo remained married for over a decade until tragedy stopped their marriage when Richardson fell and died from her injuries while skiing in Québec. 

Neeson’s Single Parent Role 

After the death of his wife, Neeson quickly became the sole parent who the kids looked up for everything. However, Neeson embraced his new role perfectly and watched how his sons grew from teenagers into adults. 

Liam Neeson New wife
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Still, the actor wished their mother was alive to see how their children grew and what they have become. Also, the actor felt very proud of his sons and had no doubt his late wife would’ve felt the same way. 

The “Taken” actor and his late wife tried their best to teach their kids moral lessons like humbleness and politeness. He noted that people walking up to him to praise how polite and well-mannered the kids are, makes him proud. 

The actor also touched on his fear of drugs which has ruined the life of most kids. Neeson spoke of his fear of his kids getting addicted to these harmful substances. Although he is constantly worried, the actor trusts his sons, lauding them as sensible boys and noting he would always be there for them.

Where Are Their Kids Now? 

Neeson’s sons Micheál and Daniel are following in their parent’s footsteps by embracing the entertainment industry. Micheál, who dropped his father’s last name and took on his mother’s, is an actor. 

Although his father was initially against any of his kids being an actor, Micheál made his acting debut in 2013. The youngster starred in the movie “Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues.” He has since appeared in a couple of other films like his father did when he starred in “Satisfaction” in 1988.

Meanwhile, his brother Daniel studied acting and digital media at Tulane University. After that, however, he opted for behind-the-screen roles, producing a couple of movies. He later switched to fashion, the industry he felt strongly connected to.

Like their parents, the kids are doing a fine job of trying to forge their paths in Hollywood. Richardson would be proud to watch how they have turned out. 

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