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Is David Muir Gay? He Has Had To Battle Gay Rumours For Years

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Is David Muir gay? Rumors of him swinging that way have plagued him for many years. The fact that he has also refused to confirm or deny the rumors and some of his past behaviors have led most people to believe there may be some truth to the speculations. 

Muir is an American Journalist who is famous for anchoring “ABC World News Tonight” and co-anchoring “20/20.” He was born on November 8, 1973, to Pat Mills and Ronald Muir which makes him a 49-year-old in 2023.  

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His career started after his graduation from Syracuse University, where he studied Journalism. While in Syracuse, he worked with WTVH-TV then he moved to Boston in 2000. 

David Muir
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There he landed a job as a reporter and anchor for WCVB-TV, where he remained for three years. It was after that he became an anchor for ABC’s World News Now. His fame increased during the pandemic as more people tuned in to listen to his reports. 

However, with more fame came more interest in his personal life which was rife with speculations about him being gay. 

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Is David Muir Gay? 

David Muir is known for his empathetic dissemination of news as an anchor on ABC, but what really gets people talking about him are speculations about his sexual orientation. 

Unfortunately, despite the rumors, nobody has confirmed that he is indeed gay, and he has chosen to maintain his privacy by not commenting on the hot topic. So in 2018 and 2019, tweeps took it upon themselves to make findings

One user claimed Muir was gay with “class and dignity,” while another tweep revealed that they had collected evidence from those Muir once worked with, and it pointed to him being gay. The anchor made no comment. 

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The speculations continued as months passed. In 2020, another Twitter user asked if there was any concrete confirmation of Muir’s being gay aside from his mother’s conviction. In the comment section, one user replied and called it the “worst-kept secret.” 

Regardless of the speculations, a majority of Muir’s fans have refused to believe that he is actually gay. The search continued with questions like “is David Muir gay?” popping up on the timeline frequently. 

Instances That Made People Ask “Is David Muir Gay?”

One of the reasons why many are convinced that David Muir is gay is because he was once spotted at a gay bar with an openly gay journalist named Gio Benitez. 

David Muir posing with Gio Benitez
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The outing gave rise to speculations about what they shared, with some wondering if Benitez was his boyfriend. As far as netizens were concerned, it was not a terrible idea. 

Some expressed glee at the circulating rumors while others were just plain confused. Thankfully, that rumor was laid to rest after Benitez got married to his lover, Tommy DiDario. 

The marriage between Benitez, who came out to his mother at age 24, and DiDario happened in 2016, about a year after their engagement. It piqued the curiosity of his fans, who could not help but wonder what was going on behind closed doors. 

Another reason Muir suffers from gay allegations is that some websites have claimed he is in a married relationship with a man named Sean. However, there is no evidence to support this claim, and Sean’s identity remains shrouded in mystery. 

There Was A Woman Who Claimed To Have Dated Him

David Muir may not be gay after all. One piece of evidence that supports this theory surfaced in 2015 when rumors of his alleged relationship with a writer named Kate Dries started to circulate. 

Driers wrote favorably about Muir and his career as a journalist. She defended him against the allegations that claimed he was a “monster” because of his less-than-satisfactory behavior at work. 

She claimed he was under a lot of heat because of the interview he had with the politician Hillary Clinton. Driers also expressed concern about Muir getting overworked and urged him to take a break. 

David Muir at work
Image: Pinterest

The article she wrote about him was titled “My Boyfriend David Muir Is A Monster.” As it ended, she stated that all she wanted people to know was that Muir “is a darling,” so there was no need to judge him. 

Speculations of Muir being gay continue to this day, but he is not the first celebrity to be tagged gay based on circumstantial evidence and he will not be the last. 

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