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Is Anderson Cooper Jewish? Six Pressing Questions About the CNN Host Answered

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Anderson Cooper has become embroiled in various scandals involving American Jewish people, leaving the question, “is Anderson Cooper Jewish?” lingering on many lips.

The debate surrounding the nationality of Anderson Cooper has prevailed thanks to his comments about the Jewish population over the years. One of his major Jewish scandals played out in August 2019, putting him at loggerheads with the former POTUS Donald Trump.

His actions followed a comment made by Trump about American Jews tagging American Jews who were democrats as disloyal to the Jewish people and Israel.

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The statement offended the TV host, who sprang up in defence of the Jews during an episode of his show, “Anderson Cooper 360.” He slammed Trump for his comments, which he described as anti-Semitic, saying:

“It should be noted that throughout history, calling Jews disloyal has been a common anti-semitic trope. It’s been a pretext to exclude Jews or take their business or put them in ghettos or expel them from schools, or exterminate them.”

His defence quickly earned him the support of the American Jewish population. The TV personality also called out Trump’s daughter, Ivanka Trump, who is Jewish, challenging her to not downplay another one of her dad’s offensive comments.

While his defence of the American Jewish Democrats was commendable, many wondered what spurred his sensitive reaction. Is Anderson Cooper Jewish? What is his nationality? What connections does he have to Israel? How did he become so famous? Here we address his nationality and all the most pressing questions about him.

Is Anderson Cooper Jewish?

No, Anderson Cooper is not Jewish and has no known Jewish ancestry. However, he was raised in a catholic home by his mom Gloria Vanderbilt, the infamous fashion designer.

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His upbringing instilled in him some morals and beliefs that may be somewhat similar. Yet, Cooper is not keen on following through with his childhood religion.

Rather, he strives to dissociate himself from religious, racial or political factions and treat all works of life as equals, thanks to his role as a journalist.

Who Is Anderson Cooper?

Anderson Cooper is a Broadcast journalist and political commentator, who serves as the primary anchor of CNN. He also works as a correspondent for “60 Minutes,” on CBS News.

He was born into the infamous Vanderbilt family, in Manhattan, New York. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Yale University in 1989.

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His early journalism practice saw him travel the world, covering war-torn regions for Channel One News. By 1995, he landed a gig as a correspondent with ABC News.

In 2012, the news anchor came out as gay, making him the most prominent openly gay journalist on American television. He also became the first openly LGBT person to moderate a presidential debate.

Who Is Anderson Cooper Dating?

After coming out as gay, Anderson Cooper Went public with his relationship with Benjamin Maisani. They geared off their romance in 2009 and dated for years before their eventual split.

At the time, it was revealed that the former power couple split because they had different views on having kids. While Anderson Cooper dreamed of having a baby someday, Maisani had no intentions of becoming a father.

Surprisingly, soon after their split, they coupled up to adopt a son, and have since remained adorable dads to their toddler, despite being exes.

Anderson Cooper, Benjamin Maisani and their two sons | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

How Old Is Anderson Cooper?

Anderson Cooper landed the planet on June 3 1967, making him 55-year-old as of October 2022. Born to the Vanderbilt family, his mom was the famous heiress and fashion designer, Gloria Vanderbilt, while his dad was actor and screenwriter Wyatt Emory Cooper.

He also had an elder brother, who committed suicide at 21-year-old. His brother’s birth prompted him to pursue a career in journalism.

What Is Anderson Cooper’s Real Hair Color?

At fifty-five, Anderson Cooper is known for his signature white hair, which he has sported throughout his three-decades-long career.

Interestingly the white locks occur naturally, with no chemical or artificial additions. The icon originally had brown locks.

However, a patch of grey appeared on his hair as early as twenty years old and gradually spread throughout his hair. By thirty, he had a full-on natural “salt and pepper” hue. But as he grew older, every trace of brown disappeared, leaving the icon with his iconic white hair color.

What Is The Net Worth Of Anderson Cooper Now?

CNN’s Anderson Cooper is worth over $200 million as of October 2022. Notably, he earned his fortune through his career as a journalist, political commentator and news anchor.

He also did some modelling as a child. As the sole heir to his mom’s multimillion-dollar fortune, he is entitled to an increase in his vast wealth. However, his mom has proclaimed that her son would not claim any of her inheritance.

So Anderson Cooper may not be Jewish, but he sure has several unique attributes which set him apart from other entertainment giants.

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