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Inside Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton’s Scandalous Love Story

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Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton loved each other with a reckless abandon that blew up to become one of the most scandalous love stories in Hollywood history.

In December 2011, author Kate Anderson Bower released the first authorized autobiography of the late actress, Elizabeth Taylor. The autobiography, titled “Elizabeth Taylor: The Grit and Glamour of an Icon” delved into details about the legend’s life, including those previously unknown to the public.

In the book, Kate spotlighted Taylor’s last “romantic friendship” with Colin Farrell, 40 years her junior. Their bond grew so deep, and the two enjoyed spending time together.

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Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

This fondness for the dashing leading man turned out to be a fragment of her connection to her most revered partner and former husband, Richard Burton. Bower explained:

“Colin loved to joke with her. He would go to her house in Bel Air, and he would pull down his pants and show her his tattoo, which was close to his crotch area. And she just loved that because he reminded her of Richard.”

Bower explained how Farrell’s many similarities to Burton made her intrigued, from bonding over poetry to sharing happy moments. In fact, the new autobiography glamorized the relationship between Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, often painted as scandalous.

In honor of this new insight into Taylor’s life, let’s look into her and Burton’s love story which saw them split and reconcile severally.

What Happened To Elizabeth Taylor And Richard Burton’s Relationship?

Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton developed a connection with each other after co-starring in a movie. This eventually led them to kickstart their affair, which quickly gained media attention, so much that the Vatican reportedly got involved.

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Despite the dramatic plot surrounding their love story, Taylor and Burton’s relationship hit a dead end. The two married and divorced twice in a row, breaking up for good in 1975. But that was not exactly the end of their love story.

In one interview, the actress admitted she and Burton would have married a third time if fate permitted. However, that third marriage never happened, but the duo kept their love and connection alive until they transitioned to the afterlife.

The Onset Of A Whirlwind Romance That Rocked Hollywood

Elizabeth Taylor and Richard burton met on the set of the 1963 film, “Cleopatra.” The two co-starred as the legendary Egyptian beauty, Cleopatra and her lover Mark Anthony.

At the time, the actress was married to her fourth husband, Eddie Fisher, while Burton was married to his first wife, Sybil Williams. But that did not hinder them from acting out their onscreen chemistry in real life.

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Elizabeth and Richard Burton as Cleopatra and Mark Anthony in "Cleopatra" | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

Taylor and Burton developed feelings for each other, eventually gearing off a love affair, without a care for their respective partners.

Reports have it that Fisher eventually overdosed following several endearing encounters with Burton, who never shied away from admitting his love affair. Sybil was also rumored to have attempted suicide as a result of the scandalous affair, which Burton famously dubbed, “Le Scandale.”

The affair gained media traction, becoming the scandal of the century. Throughout their time filming “Cleopatra,” the paparazzi reportedly sneaked into the movie set on occasions impersonating extras, just to have a glimpse of the next juicy news about the couple’s affair.

It was so scandalous that most newspapers considered it more befitting news for the front pages than the astronaut, John Glenn’s 1962 orbit of the earth.

Nonetheless, the Vatican frowned upon this scandalous love affair. In one publication, the city’s paper referred to it as erotic vagrancy,” greatly condemning the couple. And when Fisher eventually moved away from Rome where he previously lived with his wife, the world knew the affair had reached a point of no return.

Taylor And Burton Wedded Twice

Eventually, Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton officially divorced their respective partners. The two lovebirds tied the knot on March 15 1964 and enjoyed marital bliss, punctuated with epic fights, for the next ten years.

Elizabeth and Richard | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

Surprisingly, the couple divorced in 1974. But they could not bear to be apart for so long. One year later, they found their way back to each other, remarrying in 1975.

It seemed their relationship was not meant to be after all. Barely a year after their second marriage, Taylor and Burton split for good.

While Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton never had biological children together, they adopted one daughter, Maria Burton. The actor also adopted his wife’s daughter, Liza Todd from her marriage to her late second husband, Mike Todd.

Although short-lived, their love story remains the substance of legends. During their time together, the twosome co-starred in up to eleven movies together, which made their privacy almost non-existence. Indeed, the scandal of the century!

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