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AJ Hawk’s Wife Once Wore a Split Jersey To Support Him and Her Brother: Meet Her

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AJ Hawk’s wife is not as famous as her husband, but she once did something that made her stand out.

Aaron James Hawk is a former NFL player turned sports commentator and analyst. He is known for earning All-American honors and the Lombardi Award as a senior in his college years. 

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AJ Hawk in his jersey
Image: Pinterest

As a freshman, he won the BCS National Championship with the Buckeyes. The Green Bay Packers later drafted AJ in 2006, where he played 11 seasons as a linebacker in the NFL. 

AJ won the Super Bowl XLV with the team over the Pittsburgh Steelers. He also played for the Cincinnati Bengals and Atlanta Falcons. 

Who Is AJ Hawk’s Wife?

AJ Hawk’s wife, Laura Hawk, is best known for being married to AJ. However, she has a life and is quite successful in her work. 

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Laura is an established interior designer with an estimated net worth of about $600,000. She is the proprietor of LCH Interiors, a company that designs interiors based on the client’s preferences. 

AJ Hawk posing with his wife Laura
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The company is located in Columbus, Ohio, and specializes in selling window treatments. It is her primary source of income. She and AJ are a great team, as evidenced by the longevity of their marriage. However, there was a time it looked like they would not make it. 

The Epic Story of the Split Jersey

The NFL is a big deal for everyone involved, regardless of what role they find themselves playing. Laura comes from a family who loves the game, and her brother was a player too. 

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In 2006, during the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl, her brother Brady Quinn’s team was pitched against AJ, her then-boyfriend’s team. Laura, who was deeply involved with both men, was caught in the middle and found herself in a dilemma.

Laura Hawk sporting the split jersey
Image: Pinterest

She had no idea who she would support. Would it be her Notre Dame quarterback brother, whose rise she had watched for years as a sister, or Ohio State linebacker AJ, whom she had been dating only for a few months? 

She said: “I had been through Brady’s career with him since he was a little kid. I was really torn initially, but I obviously knew how serious AJ and I were.”

Fortunately for her, Laura was contacted by the same company that made Nelly’s split jersey when he wanted to perform in the Super Bowl 35 halftime show. They offered to help her create a split jersey representing her support for her brother and AJ.

The end product has Notre Dame blue on one side and Buckeye scarlet and grey on the other. The Irish half showed the 1 in Quinn’s number 10, and the Ohio half displayed the 7 from AJ’s number 47. 

The Game Ended in a Victory for AJ

The game ended in a 34-20 victory for Ohio State. However, for Laura, it was a frustrating game that saw the camera zoom in on her each time her boyfriend made a tackle or had attention on him. 

Laura later admitted that it was “irritating” that her cameo showed up so much. She also confessed that each time her boyfriend sacked her brother, she felt resentment toward him. 

It also didn’t help that the commentator never passed on a chance to factor in her alleged reactions as the game went on. Laura said:

“It was really hard because I was supposed to meet AJ after the game, and I was a little resentful, to be honest. I was pretty upset with him. I tried to mask it as best as I could because his whole family and everybody were there, and they were excited.”

Despite how it all went down, Laura said that she never regretted what happened but wished she had known her jersey would attract so much attention. She may have resented AJ a bit for the game, but it did not affect her relationship with him or stop her from becoming AJ Hawk’s wife. 

How Laura Became AJ Hawk’s Wife

AJ and Laura met while they were university students. They were introduced by a mutual friend and hit it off almost immediately. 

The pair dated for five months before deciding they wanted to spend their lives together. They tied the knot in 2007 in a civil ceremony and have four kids whom they keep away from public eyes. The couple have been married for over a decade and are still going strong.

Although AJ left the NFL in 2007, he has a flourishing career as a sports commentator. Also, he and Laura run an organization called “Hawk’s Locks for Kids” to help kids battling cancer. 

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