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Inside Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis’ Beautiful Relationship

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Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis met on “That ‘70s Show,” and years later, remain the ultimate sweethearts, enjoying a happy marriage.

Running for eight seasons, “That ‘70s” Show” kicked off the careers of several then-upcoming actors, including Topher Grace, Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis, making them viewers’ favorites.

Notably, Ashton and Kunis, who played onscreen sweethearts, (and even shared Kunis’ first kiss ever) got more than just a career boost. The twosome reunited years after the show, to give their onscreen chemistry a chance in real life.

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Ten years down the line, they remain the ideal definition of relationship goals. In 2021, news broke of an upcoming spin-off of the iconic ‘90s hit. The spinoff titled “That ‘90s Show” premiered on Netflix on January 16, 2023, and would reportedly follow the lives of the children of the original characters.

While little about the storyline could be predicted, the synopsis ultimately means Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis would return to the TV screen as Michael Kelso and Jackie Burkhart.

In honor of the long-anticipated appearance of the two Hollywood sweethearts, let’s have a glimpse into Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis’ love story.

How Did Mila And Ashton Hook Up?

Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis first met in 1998, while co-starring on “That ‘70s Show.” While Kunis, then 14, played Jackie Burkhart on the Fox series, the then-20-year-old Kutcher starred as Michael Kelso.

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Kunis once admitted she lied to snag her movie part. According to her, the director required potential cast members to be at least eighteen years old. However, when asked about her age, she simply told them “ she was gonna be eighteen.”

Though, not technically a lie given she’d definitely turn eighteen someday, the repercussion of her misleading statement was being cast as the onscreen girlfriend of a much older, already adult Kutcher (Kelso).

The show creators figured it out sooner or later but could do nothing about it then.

Mila Kunis Had Her First Onscreen Kiss With Ashton Kutcher

The same year shooting commenced, Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis shared their first onscreen kiss on the show. What the actor failed to realize at the time was that it represented Kunis’ first kiss ever.

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Speaking to interviewers in 2001, Kutcher admitted he was glad he had no idea at the time, as knowing would have put a lot of pressure on him. Due to their six-year age gap, the kissing scene was already awkward enough for Kutcher without that information.

However, Kunis had a different outlook on their first kiss, admitting she already had a crush on him before then despite being a kid. Notwithstanding, she admittedly felt nervous and uncomfortable.

Ashton Kitcher and Mila Kunis as Kelso and Jackie on That 70s Show | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

They Led Different Lives Afterward

Although “That ‘70s Show” ended in 2006, Ashton Kutcher had to bid it farewell a year before taking on other movies and TV shows.

Scheduling conflicts with his appearance on “The Guardian” forced him to decide to cut down his appearance in the eight seasons to a few guest appearances.

After the show officially ended, the onscreen lovers also parted ways. Kutcher went on to marry actress Demi Moore in 2005, while Mila Kunis commenced her relationship with Macaulay Culkin, the child star from the “Home Alone” movies.

Despite having their respective partners, the two managed to keep in touch virtually. Then in 2011, the two split with their respective partners.

Ashton Kutcher And Mila Kunis Reconnected

In January 2012, Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis reconnected at the 69th Golden Globe Awards. The actress recalled checking out a “hot man” from behind. To her surprise, she discovered her former co-star once he turned around.

They began talking afterwards and Kutcher invited her to his Hollywood Hills housewarming party. She attended the party days later, where they shared their first on-screen kiss. She slept over at his place that night.

That marked the beginning of some form of “situationship” for them. Kunis once recalled:

“I did a movie called ‘Friends With Benefits.’ He did a movie that was very similar called ‘No Strings attached.’ We loved our movies.” We were just like, let’s just hook up. Let’s have fun. We’re both single, We both trust each other. Everything’s great.”

After barely three months of hooking up as friends with benefits, Mila realized she cared about him. Hence, she decided to walk away from their casual hookup before things went out of hand.

When she relayed her feelings to Kutcher in April 2012, he also came to his own realization. The next day, he asked her to move in with him.

The Engagement And Marriage   

Ashton and Kunis continued dating for the next two years. In February 2014, the “Friends With Benefit” star flaunted an engagement band while out in public, suggesting her engagement to Kutcher.

One year later, the two tied the knot in a private ceremony in Oak Glen, California. Kunis once said of the July 2015 nuptials:

“Commitment sounds great, but I didn’t believe in marriage. I grew up in West Hollywood, and my brother has reminded me that when I was like 12, I said, ‘When gay people get married, then I’ll get married.’ I was ahead of my time. The supreme court decision [on same-sex marriage came down], and that’s when Ashton and I got married.”

Ashton Kutcher And Mila Kunis’ Kids

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher welcomed their first child in October 2014, one year before their marriage. The daughter, Wyatt Isabelle Kutcher was born at Los Angele’ Cedars Sinai hospital.

The two became parents again in November 2016, when they welcomed their son, Dimitri Portwood Kutcher. Their kids, aged eight and six respectively are growing by leaps and bounds, making the Hollywood couple’s bond even stronger.

Mila Kunis and her husband with their kids
Image: Pinterest

While parenting has been a relatively smooth ride for the pair, they have experienced some parenting scandals over the years.

In July 2021, the two caused a stir when they admitted to not bathing their kids unless the dirt became visible. They faced backlash as a result with many condemning this bathing routine. Yet, Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis, who each have an impressive net worth seem unfazed.

After all, their decision to bathe their kids less often has a health backing and also helps conserve environmental resources, something other celebrities have adopted in recent years.

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