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Everything We Know About Wynonna Judd’s Plan To Contest Naomi’s Will

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Wynonna Judd’s decision to contest her late mother Naomi’s will has raised quite a few eyebrows in Hollywood.

The news of the death of Country Singer Naomi Judd in April 2022 sent ripples down the Hollywood industry. The legendary music star, one half of “The Judds” band, was a beloved figure in the entertainment scene before her death. However, more troubling news surfaced after Naomi’s death when an autopsy report revealed the 76-year-old country singer died by suicide.

Wynonna Judd's contest will
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In a report by the Associated Press, the country singer reportedly died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound in her Tennessee mansion on April 39. After her death, the family released a statement noting that the country musician was treated for PTSD and bipolar disorder just before her suicide. 

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Naomi’s daughter Ashley Judd also confirmed her mother’s death by suicide in an interview with Good Morning America after the incident. During the interview, Ashley disclosed Naomi’s suicide followed years of a long battle with mental illness. She also confirmed that Naomi had used a firearm to end her life.  

Meanwhile, Naomi’s other daughter Wynonna is making headlines after news emerged that the music star wants to contest her mother’s will. Naomi’s will named her husband Larry Strickland as the executor of her will without any mention of her daughters. 

However, according to the Daily Mail, the late singer’s daughter Wynonna has refused to accept the news and plans to contest the will. Wynonna reportedly believes she is entitled to some of her mother’s properties. Naomi left behind a fortune worth $25 million, all to her husband, Larry. The Daily Mail reported: 

“With Wynonna, her mother leaving all of her wealth to Larry sticks in her craw. Her feeling is Naomi built her fortune at least partially on the back of Wynonna’s hard work. She was the one who was the lead singer of ‘The Judds’ dating back to the 1980s and took Naomi from working as a nurse to being a star. It was Wynonna’s amazing voice that pushed them over the top.”

Naomi and Wynonna Conquered The Music Scene 

Wynonna Judd's contest will
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Naomi and Wynonna started singing together in the late 1970s, and by 1976 the mother-and-daughter duo adopted the name “the Judds.” They moved to Nashville in 1979 to pursue a musical career full-time. After a couple of years of making music, the duo gained attention in 1982 when record producer Brent Maher listened to an audition tape by the two. 

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By 1983 the duo signed a deal with RCA Records, and their next two songs, “Mama He’s Crazy” and “Why Not Me,” became number-one hits. The song also won the duo a Grammy Award as the best country performance by a duo. During this period, Ashley stayed with her father in Louisville while her sister and mother toured and made a name for themselves in the industry. 

Throughout the 1980s, the Judds became one of the most recognized faces in the industry and, between 1985 and 1991, won the Country Music Association’s Vocal Group of the Year. However, despite their success, the two dissolved the group in 1991 after Naomi was diagnosed with debilitating chronic hepatitis C. Nevertheless, the mother and daughter won five Grammys, nine CMAs, eight Billboard Music Awards, and over 20 million records. 

Naomi’s Will Is Not Unusual

Naomi Judd
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According to Page Six, legal experts reveal that Naomi excluding her daughters is not uncommon and seems to be a slight on them. Attorney Holly David explained: 

“It is common to name the spouse as the executor of a will. But leaving out her daughters seems pointed, like a purposeful act on Naomi’s part.”

In the will, Naomi requested her husband, Larry, to have full authority and discretion over any of her properties. This subsequently means that Larry can do whatever he wants with the properties without the approval of any court and permission from any beneficiary of the estate. 

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Meanwhile, according to reports, Naomi’s sister Ashley has accepted her mother’s wishes. The Daily Mail reported: 

“Ashley Judd has no problem with her late mother, Naomi leaving her entire $25 million fortune to her second husband, Larry Strickland. With Ashley, it’s never really been about the money.” 

However, despite Naomi’s snub and the exclusion of her two daughters, Larry has the power to set up an inheritance in line with what he believes Naomi would’ve wanted for her daughter. Nonetheless, besides Wynonna’s plan to contest Naomi’s will, the singer has spoken extensively about her mother’s death and her dream of making sure Naomi’s legacy lives on. 

The country music star and Naomi had scheduled to go on tour together before the latter’s death. However, Wynonna decided to continue in her absence, and fellow country music stars like Faith Hill and Ashley McBryde joined her. Speaking to People about your Wynonna disclosed she hoped to find comfort in her performances. Wynonna also hoped to make sure her mother’s legacy lived on. 

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